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  1. LindaMae commented on Drew Sheneman over 3 years ago

    Old dog- I can work for 6 months to earn enough money to make a purchase I want which will benefit my family or I can rob a bank . It appears you think either option is feasible if it’s to help my family. Sorry – can’t agree.

  2. LindaMae commented on Drew Sheneman over 3 years ago

    Why must Liberals ignore the facts? The immigration process is not broken: people fill out the paperwork to come here, they wait, they are accepted if they have an employable skill and pass the background check, they work – legally – then they apply for naturalization – and must pass the test…It takes time but then remember that becoming a citizen of this country is a privilege – not a right – so it should take time. My nephew’s wife waited 3 years to be accepted, then continued the process until she became a citizen. SHE RECEIVED NO GOVERNMENT WELFARE OR COLLEGE LOANS during the process and is proud of it. Does Drew have an inkling about the process? About the quotas – and how the quotas were established, and why? No other country is as generous – . Sorry – but the path is open, it is NOT easy nor should it be. Millions have trod it. Those who are here illegally don’t have a right to complain. They left their homeland.(which probably had free national health) and came here. We don’t need freeloaders…unless you want to give up more of your pay for them. Are you willing to give 5% of your pay to Illegal #1, and then another 5% of your pay to another illegal? This cartoon seems to be based on an ignorance of the laws which govern our nation. ( I am a child of immigrants – all paid their dues and came here legally and suffered to support themselves…)