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  1. wallet55 commented on Reality Check 13 days ago

    the bounced all around the rim on the comet too.

  2. wallet55 commented on Frazz 4 months ago

    Best combination of art and humor i have seen for quite a while!

  3. wallet55 commented on Frank & Ernest 4 months ago

    Thank you for not putting dinosaurs in that one!

  4. wallet55 commented on Working Daze 5 months ago

    I have sat through a lot of powerpoint sessions like that and they always start with the person trying to figure out the laser pointer.

  5. wallet55 commented on Working Daze 5 months ago

    Of course the AOL insult could have been worse, it could have been Prodigy.

  6. wallet55 commented on Working Daze 5 months ago

    the AOL insult is a little harsh for a comic strip IMO.

  7. wallet55 commented on The Other Coast 5 months ago

    Actually I would vote for either of them over what we typically get.

  8. wallet55 commented on Speed Bump 5 months ago

    That is actually a legit question. Money raised and loaned locally is better for the community (albeit riskier for the bank)

  9. wallet55 commented on Rudy Park 8 months ago

    That is the Sicilian defense.

  10. wallet55 commented on Bloom County about 1 year ago

    We have come full circle for the third time!