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  1. alanhenry commented on Candorville over 3 years ago

    I thought it was an arc to remind us of the Greatest Generation. I understand now. Excellent.

  2. alanhenry commented on Lucky Cow almost 4 years ago

    All life feeds on life.

    Vegetarians just feed on life that can’t run away.

  3. alanhenry commented on Café con Leche over 5 years ago

    A woman shouldn’t ask a man a question, unless she is prepared for a literal answer.

    In other words, ask the real question the first time.

    And never ask: “Do these jeans make my arse look fat?” Most men freeze like a deer in the headlights, knowing every possible answer will get them in trouble.

    (The truth is: Yes! Unless she’s got an arse like a fourteen-year-old, most jeans make a woman’s arse look big. Think about other fabrics and cuts.)