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  1. Quboid commented on The Duplex 5 months ago

    Thanks @ladywatcher for clearing that up.

  2. Quboid commented on The Duplex over 2 years ago

    Been there, Eno, done that. One of the reasons why my most recent phone is smaller than my previous one is so that dropping it on my face doesn’t hurt as much.

  3. Quboid commented on The Duplex over 2 years ago

    I’ve never heard a vegan brag about it but I’ve heard numerous people criticise vegans for this. It seems to me that being a vegan invites abuse, like this comic, and vegans get constantly criticised for going when about it when most of them do no such thing. And no, I’m not a vegan. I’m practically a carnivore.

  4. Quboid commented on The Duplex over 3 years ago

    I’m close to giving up on The Duplex too. It was funny, but recently it’s just been an ad for some movie. I don’t know if McCoy’s getting paid or what, I presume so. Whatever the arrangement, it’s not funny any more.

  5. Quboid commented on Ziggy over 3 years ago

    I know studies can be bad, but would you rather policy was made with even less research? Would you rather a lot tax money was spent without spending a little money looking into whether it’s worth it? Information is everything and studies are – just – better than nothing.

  6. Quboid commented on The Duplex almost 4 years ago

    Grass (eating, not smoking ;) ) makes dogs vomit, which in turn soothes an upset stomach by getting rid of whatever is causing the upset.

  7. Quboid commented on Ziggy almost 4 years ago

    Irrelevant, laughable connection to Obamacare – ignored. Irrelevant riposte to that – ignored. Correctly pointing out that it is Lego, not Legos – SIR YOU GO TOO FAR!

    If your kids do that, discipline them for knowingly disobeying you rather than playing their game and giving them control. You need to lighten up rather less.

  8. Quboid commented on The Duplex over 4 years ago

    Maybe they’re Irish? Anyone here on Ireland who serves, asks for or even mentions green beer would get some very strange looks!

  9. Quboid commented on The Duplex almost 5 years ago

    Leaving your fridge door open makes your home warmer. All refrigerator units do is move heat, so the overall temperature change is zero. However, there’s also heat created by the refrigerator unit’s operation. Leaving the fridge door open makes this unit work more, producing more heat. Yours, Mr. Pedantic.

  10. Quboid commented on The Duplex almost 5 years ago

    Assault and Battery: funny, but only if it’s a woman assaulting a man.