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  1. 6turtle9 commented on Scary Gary 10 days ago

    Yes, he identifies them as tasty.

  2. 6turtle9 commented on Buni 10 days ago

    Just throwing money down the drain! He could have made a small fortune selling snow cones.

  3. 6turtle9 commented on Scary Gary 14 days ago

    You are a little late on the new year Leopoldo, though I doubt anyone will mind the delay.

  4. 6turtle9 commented on F Minus 17 days ago

    Fun fact: many cultures actually have a variation of this with a pot of soup/stew that is always on the fire and is continually added to after each meal. Some claim to be decades, even generations old. Talk about a side order of Funk.

  5. 6turtle9 commented on From the Mo Willems Sketchbook 17 days ago

    ….said the alien overlords.

  6. 6turtle9 commented on Frog Applause 17 days ago

    I gave up the cow long ago as well. I don’t even miss milk a little bit anymore; there are plenty of alternatives, but cheese, oh my god CHEESE! Fortunately I love me some goat and sheeps cheezy.

  7. 6turtle9 commented on That New Carl Smell 23 days ago

    They’re just horsing around.

  8. 6turtle9 commented on Frog Applause 23 days ago

    Or in my case- Scarey Hairy Derrière.

  9. 6turtle9 commented on Zen Pencils 25 days ago


  10. 6turtle9 commented on Marmaduke 25 days ago

    You might like to pass, but he won’t let you.