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  1. Straytski commented on Steve Breen about 4 years ago

    Yeah sure Morty, they would esp. do if the attacks were unsuccessful due to increased security, sarcasm

  2. Straytski commented on John Deering about 4 years ago

    The trouble isn’t getting to know Mitt, it’s that more people are getting to know the “real” Obama. Thanks, Univision.

  3. Straytski commented on The Flying McCoys about 4 years ago

    My thought exactly.

  4. Straytski commented on Cathy about 5 years ago

    Mein Gott in Himmel….I should be so underpaid…

  5. Straytski commented on Breaking News!! over 5 years ago

    Keep waiting it won’t happen, the only one who wants to tax people is Obama. Cutting taxes has always RAISED revenue. Taxing the “rich” always makes unemployment worse. They provide the jobs, less money for them means layoffs and no new hires. Most of the “rich” are small employers. Why does Obama want to destroy jobs?

  6. Straytski commented on Ambitious Drivel over 5 years ago

    I love how people always forget how congress controls the budget but still put all the blame on just the president. Dems controled Congress from 2005 until just this last election. A dem president and a dem congress and the economy got even worse, coincidence??

  7. Straytski commented on Steve Breen over 5 years ago

    No, the highest authority in this Republic is the constitution. Read it some time.

  8. Straytski commented on Steve Benson over 5 years ago

    If Bush was so stupid why are Obama and the Dems saying he was right? Obama has kept quite a few of the Bush policies.

  9. Straytski commented on Clay Bennett over 5 years ago

    If Obamacare is so great why he is he giving out so many waivers to his friends in the unions? They sure know it’s big trouble.

  10. Straytski commented on Boomerangs over 5 years ago

    That woman has a totally political award, WOW!!