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  1. LibrarianInTraining commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria about 5 years ago

    I work for Microsoft. In their Cloud Computing department. (Billing department, so don’t ask any technical questions, lol)
    When the product works, it works very well. When it sucks, it really sucks! Fortunately, they’re getting better.

    Still, I wouldn’t take everything off my server just yet.

  2. LibrarianInTraining commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria over 5 years ago

    Hi, everyone. It’s been… what… 2 years?
    Pab, you haven’t changed. Still funny as ever. Keep it up.

  3. LibrarianInTraining commented on Lisa Benson over 6 years ago

    Lottery is a tax on people who failed probability in school.

  4. LibrarianInTraining commented on FoxTrot Classics over 6 years ago

    cdward, as a fan of Hitchhiker’s, I find your comment hilarious! (Course, if he really WERE watching reruns, I’d be on the couch next to him.:)

    Funny story, there really is a Dawson Creek, in British Colombia, Canada.

    My grandparents were driving to Alaska because my grandfather had just gotten an army position there training new recruits on satellite technology. (This was in the 1960s.) Interesting this was, my grandmother had 3 kids in diapers at the time, and they made the whole trip without much fuss. A lot of exciting things happened on that trip (they were driving all the way from Florida) but my favorite story was about when they were trying to find Dawson Creek, BC.

    My grandfather, being a man, and a man from New Jersey, what’s more, didn’t need no stinkin’ directions. So he’s driving down the Alcan Highway, which at that time was still under construction, in pitch black looking for Dawson Creek to stop for the night. They drove for miles without seeing anything. Finally, my grandmother pointed out a small cluster of lights ahead, and finally urges my grandfather to pull over and ask how to get to Dawson Creek.

    The lights turned out to be some sort of outpost or something. My grandfather walked to the first door, and pounded on it. A bleary eyed man answered, and, seeing my grandfather, and the jeep behind him, dropped his jaw nearly to the ground. He stared with wide eyed amazement at what he saw. My grandfather began rambling on about getting to Dawson Creek. The stranger interrupted him, mumbled something about Dawson Creek being 30 miles back, and grabbing my grandfather by the lapels asked him how on earth he got to this out post.

    My grandfather shrugged “We drove.”

    “Drove?! You can’t drive! There’s no road out here! They fly us in here by helicopter!”

    Turns out my grandfather had found a ledge along the edge of the mountain barely wide enough for the jeep. He managed to drive it in pitch black without falling hundreds of feet to the valley below. What’s even more of a miracle is that they managed to drive back without falling, find Dawson Creek. and continue their journey to Anchorage.

    There were many other exciting stories on that drive, but they’ll wait for another time.

  5. LibrarianInTraining commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria over 6 years ago

    Too many crackpots out there making us real Christians look bad. :(

    Ah, well. The truth shall set you free! :)

  6. LibrarianInTraining commented on Garfield over 6 years ago

    Has Jon been “snooping” around his wardrobe again?

  7. LibrarianInTraining commented on FoxTrot Classics over 6 years ago

    Erm…. Pizza, anyone?

  8. LibrarianInTraining commented on State of the Union over 6 years ago


    Lincoln was a republican, AND a Christian. If by “taking away from state’s rights” you mean abolishing slavery against the wishes of the states in the south, then Lincoln was most certainly able to do so. To treat people as animals is antithetical to the sovereign will of God (the same God this country was founded upon), and Lincoln, a man quite familiar with God’s Word would have known this. (Incidentally, Lincoln did not become a “Christian” until after he walked the fields at Gettysburg. Until that point, he was a deist.)

    Were Lincoln alive today, he would be appalled at what this country has become in the past 100 or so years. I have no doubt that he would put to work straight away setting it all to rights. And not only he, but the founding fathers also. (Alas, no nation shall truly be under perfect rule until the Millennial kingdom. I look forward to that time with great anticipation.)

    And as to your jab at Roosevelt, I assume you mean FDR. I didn’t agree with his economic policies, it’s true They were socialistic in nature, and hardly what the nation’s founders would have wanted. But the man knew how to run a war effectively, and not only run it, but WIN it. Were he in charge, I’ve no doubt this war would have run a much different course.

    Movie stars wouldn’t be griping about it, but suiting up and enlisting, as they did in WWII. People would be willingly rationing goods needed by service men and women overseas. We wouldn’t be nearly so self absorbed as we are in this entitlement era, where instant gratification is not a luxury, but a demand.

    Ah, well. That was then. This is now. All one can do is vote, stay politically active, and pray.

    Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.

    (PS, Mrob, indeed. People cheered on Hitler, a man who promised free public education, free school meals, free after care programs, job increases, and national morale. This is why the first thing I always gauge when voting for anyone is where they stand on abortion. If they don’t value human life, it doesn’t matter what their economic polices are. The lives of many fall before the almighty dollar and people become expendable commodities.)

  9. LibrarianInTraining commented on State of the Union over 6 years ago

    Jor-el, very funny. I’ve been known to read the Onion from time to time for kicks.

    I’m sorry. I’m a republican. I don’t think Mrs. Palin would make a good President. If she’s so freaked out over the exposure her family got while on campaign trail, she’s not emotionally stable enough to run a country.

    In all things balance.

    So, who’s up for resurrecting Abraham Lincoln?

  10. LibrarianInTraining commented on Baldo over 6 years ago

    My grandfather used to make me read the encyclopedia every summer. I got as far as the G’s before I gave up.

    Still, I learned a lot. :)