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  1. angfil commented on B.C. 5 months ago

    Good catch.

  2. angfil commented on B.C. 6 months ago

    I thank you too, Vegas. the Sons of the Pioneers used to be my favorites when I was a kid. Lots of memories.

  3. angfil commented on Drabble 6 months ago

    Love the name of the hospital.

  4. angfil commented on Drabble 10 months ago

    I got a good chuckle from this one.

  5. angfil commented on Clay Jones 12 months ago

    “So…… you’re saying the Tea Party faithful aren’t in their right mind?”

    Sounds about right to me.

  6. angfil commented on Scary Gary about 1 year ago

    No, no. Neither A-1 nor Heinz 57. If you get a good recipe for a marinade even the less expensive steaks can be made to taste good. Marinades are also good for chicken and pork.

  7. angfil commented on Signe Wilkinson almost 2 years ago

    Dear Ms. Wilkinson,

    You really should include G. W, Bush and his watch.

    Iraq, 4000 Americans and untold thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens.

  8. angfil commented on Adam@Home over 2 years ago

    jmo—-So that’s a “goatee” on the clerk’s chin. Could have fooled me.

  9. angfil commented on The Academia Waltz over 2 years ago

    Why is this strip so difficult to read?

  10. angfil commented on Adam@Home over 2 years ago

    I really thought he would get an espresso machine. I’m disappointed.