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  1. sjw commented on Nick Anderson about 1 year ago

    The organizations I have been involved with cared for the baby, the mother and extended family for as long as they needed them to care. Remember, Planned Parenthood’s caring of the child within its mother ends after the abortion procedure is done.

  2. sjw commented on Nick Anderson about 1 year ago

    PP is a private non-profit organization. They will still exist but the government will not be giving them taxpayer funds anymore if the bill passes. Also it was science that showed us it was indeed a human life inside its mom not just a mass of tissue that PP told the girls. It was an abortionist doctor that brought the truth forward in his video, “The Silent Scream.” He quit doing abortions after that.

  3. sjw commented on Clay Bennett about 1 year ago

    Didn’t 75% of Kentuckians vote to uphold traditional marriage? Wouldn’t her actions be upholding the will of the voters and the representative government we have no matter what side of the issue you are on?