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  1. joanne commented on The Flying McCoys 3 months ago

    I love the comments here! Great ones!

  2. joanne commented on Calvin and Hobbes over 1 year ago

    Love that comment, and George Carlin.

  3. joanne commented on Pickles over 1 year ago

    Don’t criticize Earl if you haven’t been in his shoes.

  4. joanne commented on Health Capsules almost 2 years ago

    He just omitted the adjective “refined” before "grains.

  5. joanne commented on The Flying McCoys almost 2 years ago

    The good guys don’t always win, do they?

  6. joanne commented on Health Capsules about 2 years ago

    Peach seeds, not the fruit itself.

  7. joanne commented on Break of Day about 3 years ago

    Does anyone remember great-grandma, or great, great gma besides me?

  8. joanne commented on Eric the Circle about 3 years ago

    Ah, the old joke I haven’t heard in years.
    No, nurse, I said, “Slip off his spectacles.”

  9. joanne commented on That is Priceless about 3 years ago

    My first viewing but definitely not my last. So clever…and enlightening. I didn’t realize that artists painted so many naked women..and a few men. I love the sugar cone one.

  10. joanne commented on Brevity over 3 years ago

    to J.A.M. Flashdance