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  1. annette143 commented on Fred Basset about 18 hours ago

    I"m glad I’m not the only one who admits to hearing a warning voice. some people look at me strange when I say I do. I’d have asked the store manager for an escort to the car.

    2old, you’re never too old to pack an equalizer ;)

    granny with a gun

  2. annette143 commented on Fred Basset 1 day ago

    an angel on your shoulder? sometimes I feel an inexplicable urge to deviate from a planned path. My idiot g.f. would taunt me to continue on anyway just to satisfy her curiosity =stupid girl! Sometimes those premonitions can be warnings other times it’s so I find something nice or even grand :)

  3. annette143 commented on GIRTH 12 days ago

    They’d be fine if all their friends were blind. Glad you saw it. I hope you could grab it off the page. click it if you want the code for it.

  4. annette143 commented on GIRTH 13 days ago

    I see your avatar, maybe you’d like this guy? they look like litter mates retriever puppy

  5. annette143 commented on Fred Basset 13 days ago

    Is one of his wet friends Marmaduke? http://www.gocomics.com/marmaduke/2014/10/08

  6. annette143 commented on Fred Basset 15 days ago

    Every time they print Fred getting chocolate I cringe because not everyone knows it is deadly to dogs. 50 times? it could be 500 times and still not be universal knowledge. I will keep repeating the warning. The list of what is bad for dogs keeps growing. Raisins and Garlic are on it now too.
    They used to say garlic was good but no more.

  7. annette143 commented on GIRTH 18 days ago

    “I made Food! I am Magical!” see this woman’s cartoon: http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010/11/dogs-dont-understand-basic-concepts.html

  8. annette143 commented on Marmaduke 27 days ago

    there are commercials for lawyers suing drug companies for all kinds of horrible stuff. then there are the commercials trying to get us to take new drugs even though they have a lengthy list of side effects. Could it be their priorities are askew? Should profit be the driving force? seems like any company once it’s in the stock market puts profit ahead of all else. They’ve lost my trust. Did you know Tylenol accumulates in the liver?

  9. annette143 commented on Fred Basset 28 days ago

    I know what you mean Fred :(

  10. annette143 commented on GIRTH about 1 month ago

    “top dog”? he looks more like a hot dog. put him in a bun and .. or use your size and throw yourself on him like a runaway truck