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  1. annette143 commented on Ballard Street about 15 hours ago

    me too! I went to utube to download the cat video and found these:
    BBC full documentary:

  2. annette143 commented on Today's Dogg about 16 hours ago

    that guy doesn’t look very happy strapped on it’s back. there are seat Harnesses for dogs leaving them able to move around like normal.

  3. annette143 commented on Ballard Street 2 days ago

    yes there is. I see it and you are right, it is blank.

  4. annette143 commented on Pooch Cafe 2 days ago

    I knew someone who had 22 cats. Her dog ran away. not surprising, the air in her house made my eyes water!

    Pe Pe La Pu copy
    image hosting no registration

  5. annette143 commented on Today's Dogg 2 days ago

    whaddya mean the dog can’t sleep with you?! lame parents ..

  6. annette143 commented on Citizen Dog 2 days ago

    to Perkycat and Shikamoo
    this one has a squirrel on water skis

    the squirrel running the agility course reminds me of Parkour. ever see these?

  7. annette143 commented on Citizen Dog 2 days ago

    the only good thing about being a girl back then was
    I didn’t have to worry about being drafted!
    .. on growing up to be 1st Lady ..
    If Jack and Jeri Ryan didn’t get divorced he was likely to become Senator of Illinois.
    Jack got on the wrong side of the Republican Party and didn’t get to run
    instead Obama got the seat or 7 of 9 might have been the 1st Lady.

  8. annette143 commented on Marmaduke 2 days ago

    he is just getting it warm for ya!

  9. annette143 commented on Fred Basset 2 days ago

    I saw a basset crossing the street the other day. His legs were so short the curb was almost up to his chest.

  10. annette143 commented on Ballard Street 4 days ago

    Here’s an idea “roll back your odometer” each year instead of getting a year older, subtract one instead.