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  1. StCleve72 commented on Pearls Before Swine about 6 hours ago

    Where did I say that I know the first thing about how the universe came to be? According to the Big Bang it all started from a single point which existed outside of time and space. Where is outside of time and space? Sounds like the biblical void to me and neither make any sense, nor do all the thousands of creation stories of all cultures throughout time. It’s a mystery to me until proven otherwise beyond a reasonable doubt. I just said that the stories of a woman coming from a man’s rib, the talking snake, the exact date of creation etc are stories that don’t hold up to critical thinking. Do you agree or disagree with that?

  2. StCleve72 commented on Pearls Before Swine about 6 hours ago

    Whoops. Calculation fail. I blame Obama. Thanks.

  3. StCleve72 commented on Pearls Before Swine about 6 hours ago

    You seem to be trying to make this about me. How about if you address what I wrote? I know that you didn’t make up the story about the first woman coming from a man’s rib, right? You were probably told to believe it as a child, right? If you apply critical thinking to the story and many others that are obviously just stories of human invention, then they simply don’t hold up, do they? The point is, that for a democracy to work the voters must have critical thinking skills to sort things out, yes or no? Otherwise demagogues and mentally defective people can get into office and make a mess of things. So can you answer a simple question? Do you believe that there was a talking snake who got the woman who came from the ribs of a man to eat an apple? How’s that for communicating? Your turn.

  4. StCleve72 commented on Pearls Before Swine about 6 hours ago

    So are you saying that the first woman came from the ribs of a man?

  5. StCleve72 commented on Mike Luckovich about 9 hours ago

    Sue or imprison? I remember back in 1970 when there was a rumor that Tricky was going to cancel the ‘72 elections and declare martial law because of the anti-war protests. My first reaction was that it was nonsense. On further reflection I realized it was the mentally unstable POTUS involved and well, probably not, but still something to consider. Of course he didn’t call off the elections, just hired spies to break into Dem hdqtrs and ended up saying that since he was Prez if wasn’t illegal. So thinking about the autocratic Trump……………

  6. StCleve72 commented on Tom Toles about 10 hours ago

    Perhaps he’s writing from the concentration camp the Muslim Dictator Obama put him in when he confiscated his guns?

  7. StCleve72 commented on Today's Trump about 10 hours ago

    Can we encourage Mississippi to leave the Union? Alabama? Any state that still wants to fly the Confederate flag? The Civil War ended over 100 years ago but there are still so many fighting it. Sad and pathetic.

  8. StCleve72 commented on Overboard about 10 hours ago

    Nate can resist anything……but temptation.

  9. StCleve72 commented on Pearls Before Swine about 10 hours ago

    We recently “celebrated” the 4020th birthday of the earth according to Archbishop James Ussher, who in the 17th century calculated that it began at 6pm Saturday October 23, 4004 BC. There are many millions of people who believe this to be factual as well as the story of the first woman springing fully formed from the rib of a man, the apple being eaten that is the cause of original sin and so forth. My question is, can we have a a democracy which requires voters capable of critical thinking and rationality when so many, almost half, cannot distinguish between fact and fantasy?

  10. StCleve72 commented on Non Sequitur about 10 hours ago

    I’ve flown quite a bit in the past few years and I really don’t have much negative to say. I got from Point A to Point B in much less time, mostly in days than any other means of transportation, my planes were never hijacked or blown up or flown into buildings, and I finally got to Vienna after wanting to get there for a long time which would have been impossible because my wife gets seasick. Compared to driving cross country it was far cheaper.There were some glitches to be sure but I’m pretty happy to have the chance to fly to where I’m going.