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  1. StCleve72 commented on Matt Bors about 13 hours ago

    I think that david and Daniel are both right. To say all cops are racist and brutal is as wrong as saying that none are. Is there anyone who disagrees with this or that it’s crucial that the bad cops are weeded out?

  2. StCleve72 commented on Today's Trump about 13 hours ago

    Women; vote for me. I just hired a man who was fired by Fox News for sexual harassment. Blacks; vote for me. I just hired a man who adores the confederate flag as a symbol of a way of life where you had it so good. What do you have to lose? America vote for me because; you know all that tax money you spent for nuclear weapons? Well I’m going to make sure you finally get your money’s worth.

  3. StCleve72 commented on Tank McNamara about 13 hours ago

    Tim Tebow proves that Zeus works in mysterious ways. (That’s the god I pray to. Works as well as any other one).

  4. StCleve72 commented on Clay Bennett about 13 hours ago

    Donald Trump is such a dangerous and deranged demagogue that Hillary could send careless emails right on 5th Ave. and she wouldn’t lose my vote.

  5. StCleve72 commented on Stuart Carlson 1 day ago


  6. StCleve72 commented on Kliban 2 days ago

    Bill winds up with a 3rd nostril.

  7. StCleve72 commented on Today's Trump 3 days ago


  8. StCleve72 commented on Scott Stantis 3 days ago


  9. StCleve72 commented on Today's Trump 4 days ago

    Fly that confederate flag proudly! The south will rise again under Trumpy!

  10. StCleve72 commented on Scott Stantis 4 days ago

    In all fairness, the Middle East has been a mess since I can remember. I don’t think any one person created that mess nor do I see any way it will end in my lifetime. Anybody ever check out why the Sunnis and Shiites hate each other and have been killing each other for centuries? I looked it up and suggest if you’re reading this you do the same.