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  1. sjpb commented on Brad's Pit 11 days ago

    Thanks for always being so positive! Be well.

  2. sjpb commented on Brad's Pit 11 days ago

    “I’m really happy to see your strip addressing BSL!”
    I could not agree more! I hope this comic gets moved to the main page.
    Good wishes to you for rescuing your AmStaff, wish there were more like you out there. :0)

  3. sjpb commented on Brad's Pit 12 days ago

    PS: have a pleasant, happy, healthy day as well.

  4. sjpb commented on Brad's Pit 12 days ago

    You are correct re:BSL. It has not worked as intended. Painting a specific breed of dog as dangerous is ridiculous. Before Pit Bulls (not a breed, by the way) it was German Shepherds, Dobermans and Rottweilers.

  5. sjpb commented on Green Pieces 12 days ago


  6. sjpb commented on Green Pieces 13 days ago

    He’s a raccoon.

  7. sjpb commented on La Cucaracha 23 days ago

    “I hope the magnitude of the ‘thud’ doesn’t result in more traffic problems for Fort Lee.”

    This is by far the funniest comment I have read on gocomics in ages. Thanks! :D

  8. sjpb commented on Learn to Speak Cat about 1 month ago

    Wow, that is a great idea. I may suggest that to the non profit group that supports our local shelter.
    I also may use that with my two rescue dogs. It sounds like a wonderful, lovely memorial. :D Thanks!

  9. sjpb commented on Drabble about 1 month ago

    Nice rescue story. :D Thanks for letting her adopt you. I will bet she’s one of the best pets you will ever have!

  10. sjpb commented on Aunty Acid about 1 month ago

    Great comment – too funny!