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  1. SpadeJr GoComics Pro Member commented on Baldo about 1 hour ago

    Last 3 chances to retain a reader have just become two. “Light pollution?” What a farce! Plenty of places on this ol’ planet where night is pitch black. Go on a cruise or two sometime and see for yourself. So now you’re down to two chances.You know, lose a reader here, lose a reader there, and petty soon you’re talking O.O.W (That’s out of work, and yeah, that’s exactly what it sounds like.)

  2. SpadeJr GoComics Pro Member commented on Non Sequitur 1 day ago

    Leave the politics out and you have definitely got a BIG point. The fanatic devotion of fans and the installing of it into their children is so unhealthy. From high school to the pros, if you’re just not into sports, you’re weird, wrong, or unbalanced. Now THAT attitude is the really sick one.

  3. SpadeJr GoComics Pro Member commented on Over the Hedge 1 day ago

    What a disappointment! Yet another comic strip has to turn to politics when the general strip cast of characters is totally funny and entertaining on its own. Maybe this will be just a slip-up and he strip can continue to be as good as it has been until now without feeling any need to drag in politics—and that’s ANY politics regardless of party affiliation.

  4. SpadeJr GoComics Pro Member commented on Baldo 3 days ago

    What bunk! A poor excuse for not doing it right. One of the most uneven strips around. Why am I still reading it? Well, it’s in the last stages of a “test read” right now. More yawners like today and I bail out—the strongest message I can send to the cartoonists that they’re just not getting the job done.

  5. SpadeJr GoComics Pro Member commented on The Flying McCoys 4 days ago

    Not funny, and simply in poor taste. And I’m told I have a pretty broad sense of humor. You can do much better.

  6. SpadeJr GoComics Pro Member commented on Frank & Ernest 9 days ago

    Let’s see….take empty paper cup. Hold under dispenser and push button. Set filled cup down on counter. AND ASK FOR A TIP?? What a scam!

  7. SpadeJr GoComics Pro Member commented on Prickly City 10 days ago

    Interesting to note that ALL the candidates from Trump on down the line have one or more issues that are 100% black and white which they are adamant about. Yet Trump gets bashed for the same thinking and analysis. All a matter of degree, I guess.

  8. SpadeJr GoComics Pro Member commented on Bound and Gagged 14 days ago

    What a truism! That’s why when I go out to eat and am led to the table by a waiter, I always ask to be seated in the non-screaming-baby section.

  9. SpadeJr GoComics Pro Member commented on Red and Rover 16 days ago

    Glad to see dreams being used for a story line. Dreams are the magic mirror that never lie. Have studied them on my own for years, learned as much as I can, and still have some that don;t seem to have any meaning. BUT on the other hand, keep a dream journal, look it over at the end of the week and you’ll be floored sometimes when you can “see” what your inner self is trying to tell your conscious self.

  10. SpadeJr GoComics Pro Member commented on Over the Hedge 18 days ago

    Actually, man buns are quite handy. They immediately signal a shallow trend-following unoriginal thinker who doesn’t have the brains to use what he’s got to create an original look and style that will set him apart from the rest of the phony hipsters. It’s like wearing a little sign that says “I’m just another slave to current fashion.”