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  1. rush.diana commented on @Tavicat 3 days ago


  2. rush.diana commented on Learn to Speak Cat 3 days ago

    Love the beers on tap!

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  4. rush.diana commented on Crumb 6 days ago

    yep, the difference between a cat and dog. I spent years trying clever ways to hide my kitty’s heart meds in tasty pastes and pill pockets.
    I now have a dog. When he had to take a med for 10 days all I had to do was wrap the large pill in a piece of soft cheese and he wolfed it down.
    He’d eat a rock if it was covered in cheese

  5. rush.diana commented on @Tavicat 10 days ago

    I am late to reply but it all depends on the cat. If you start trimming the nails when they are kittens they will be used to you touching and handling their feet. Our rescue kitty who died two years ago would NOT let us touch here feet. Nor did she like to go to the vet but we would take her about every 10 to 12 weeks and for ten bucks they would clip them. She let the vet techs do it ok and it was worth it for us. They had them clipped in a matter of minutes and we were on our way back home

  6. rush.diana commented on Cattitude — Doggonit 14 days ago

    Mine uses that head tilt in order to charm us with his cuteness. Must be a dog thing

  7. rush.diana commented on WuMo 14 days ago

    Wish my sweet girl (my avatar) had had nine lives. She only had one and it wasn’t long enough

  8. rush.diana commented on Learn to Speak Cat 17 days ago

    Love it!!

  9. rush.diana commented on The Other Coast 26 days ago

    Same thing happening in NH now that it is overpopulated with M@ssholes

  10. rush.diana commented on Crumb about 1 month ago

    My kitty took her heart meds like a champ for the two years she was on them before she died. Twice a day I wrapped the pill in a bacon flavored pill paste. She was a sweetheart