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  1. rush.diana commented on The Other Coast about 14 hours ago

    Same thing happening in NH now that it is overpopulated with M@ssholes

  2. rush.diana commented on Crumb 10 days ago

    My kitty took her heart meds like a champ for the two years she was on them before she died. Twice a day I wrapped the pill in a bacon flavored pill paste. She was a sweetheart

  3. rush.diana commented on Learn to Speak Cat 13 days ago

    Excellent timing

  4. rush.diana commented on Learn to Speak Cat 23 days ago

    Busted buddy!!

  5. rush.diana commented on The Other Coast 23 days ago

    My 20 lb “throw back” Pom is not dog friendly (he came to use that way). he does not care if the other dog is male, female, 5 lbs or 100, he simply hates the sight of another canine and will attack. He is ALWAYS leashed or in a fenced yard.
    Unfortunately the same cannot be said for many in our neighborhood who let their dogs roam, not even using an electric fence. It got so bad that I was forced to muzzle him on our walks after I was bitten when we were charged by a Boxer that ran across the road ignoring it’s owner.
    Never mind that for months I told him that my dog didnt like being approached and to get his under control.
    Thank goodness for the muzzle.At least now I know I wont end up bloody. Oh and when that Boxer charged us again a few weeks ago my dog tried to bite him right in the face but the muzzle stopped him

  6. rush.diana commented on Cattitude — Doggonit 27 days ago

    Yep, typical of a dog! No class (and I own one)

  7. rush.diana commented on Ask a Cat 30 days ago

    Hope you someday come to NH

  8. rush.diana commented on Cattitude — Doggonit about 1 month ago

    I grew up with dogs but later on in life became a cat person as I grew to appreciate their beauty and intelligence. After my last kitty died I was so heartbroken I adopted a dog. While I love the little guy I can honestly say he will be the LAST dog I ever have.
    God I miss owning a cat……………………..

  9. rush.diana commented on Learn to Speak Cat about 1 month ago

    Good one!! LOL

  10. rush.diana commented on Magnificatz about 1 month ago

    Like which party is trying to dictate what we eat?