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  1. luckylouie commented on Looks Good on Paper 19 days ago

    Great idea, dsom8, I never thought of it that way. We can use that insight here in California after four years of drought. I’m off to Home Depot to get material to build a fence.

  2. luckylouie commented on For Better or For Worse 20 days ago

    That’s me and my wife — 46 years and counting. She’s still my sweetheart, but even sweethearts irritate each other sometimes.

  3. luckylouie commented on Maria's Day 23 days ago

    Mmmm — Chocolate-covered bacon. Nothin’ better. (Except maybe chicken-fried bacon.)

  4. luckylouie commented on Learn to Speak Cat 23 days ago

    The cat is playing possum.

  5. luckylouie commented on The Sunshine Club 25 days ago

    And he can wrap his own Christmas presents.

  6. luckylouie commented on Frankie Comics 28 days ago

    RIP Frankie. It was fun while it lasted.

  7. luckylouie commented on Raising Duncan about 1 month ago

    His real name was Marion — does that tell you anything?

  8. luckylouie commented on For Better or For Worse about 1 month ago

    Hey it works.

  9. luckylouie commented on Break of Day about 1 month ago

    I recently had some water damage to my house and I found out how insurance works. You pay premiums for 20 years, then you make a claim. And they tell you that according to Section 4, Paragraph B, Subsection 2, Subparagraph 3C, the damage isn’t covered. Then they raise your rates.

  10. luckylouie commented on Maria's Day about 1 month ago

    This reminds me of the old Garfield cartoon. John and Garfield are in a restaurant, looking at at a menu.
    John: “What do these little hearts mean?”
    Waitress: “That means it’s good for you.”
    John: “What do the little skull-and-crossbones mean?”
    Garfield: “That means it TASTES GOOD!”