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  1. siamese1 commented on Molebashed 7 days ago

    You could always end up with a kid like mine. At 3 he was playing with the operating systems, not the games. He’s now in college working towards a double major in hardware and software. :)

  2. siamese1 commented on Molebashed 14 days ago

    It doesn’t matter how often you trim them. Baby fingernails are like knife blades.

  3. siamese1 commented on Kitchen Capers 28 days ago

    Look for superfine sugar. Or whiz some regular sugar in a food processor for a bit. Not too long, or you’ll end up with powdered sugar instead.

  4. siamese1 commented on The Big Picture 28 days ago

    Thank you, Lennie. This is a nice tribute. :)

  5. siamese1 commented on The Big Picture 2 months ago

    Nope. American Doll. It’s a large doll that runs about $120. Before all the clothes and accessories. It’s quite the racket.

  6. siamese1 commented on Wicked Crispy 3 months ago

    You had me at “delicious, buttery victory”. Looking forward to see where this goes!

  7. siamese1 commented on Pop Culture Shock Therapy 4 months ago

    See today’s Monty for the answer to that one.

  8. siamese1 commented on Breaking Cat News 4 months ago

    At our house, we call it the Mexican Cat Dance. Because that’s what we do in an effort to not fall over the ankle weavers. :)

  9. siamese1 commented on Trivquiz 4 months ago

    He was fantastic as the Devil in “Damn Yankees”.

  10. siamese1 commented on Molebashed 5 months ago

    I did that the first time I clipped my son’s nails. It was forever after my hubby’s job. I just couldn’t do it.