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  1. Marc commented on Garfield 7 months ago


  2. Marc commented on Brewster Rockit 7 months ago

    It’s not only their ship, but it is also a holey artifact of their people.

  3. Marc commented on Garfield Minus Garfield 9 months ago

    That’s a Cheshire Cat smile, right there.

  4. Marc commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 9 months ago

    But were they able to simulate the terrain, the turns, the other runners, the temperature, the humidity, and any other factors that the people running the race in Boston at the time had to endure? If not, then she didn’t really run THE Boston Marathon.

  5. Marc commented on Gil Thorp about 1 year ago

    Right. It’s the coaches’ fault for not giving the younger players more playing time last season…when they won the state title. Ignore the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We have to prepare our backups to be better next year.

  6. Marc commented on Nancy over 1 year ago

    Plus, stride length would be an issue as well, here.

  7. Marc commented on Gil Thorp over 1 year ago

    Central City? Does this mean that Gil Thorp exists in the DC universe and that we can expect a visit from the Flash in an upcoming storyline?

  8. Marc commented on Working Daze over 1 year ago

    That may be true at the moment, but they represent steps in progress. Not every step needs to have an application for the public at large, but we also don’t necessarily know the consumer benefit until such a benefit is attempted.

  9. Marc commented on Nancy over 1 year ago

    In my mind, Nancy just used the “Most interesting Man” voice to say “Stay frosty, my friend.”

  10. Marc commented on Wizard of Id over 1 year ago

    C’mon, Wiz. You still got 47 characters to troll your friends with.