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  1. Rhadamanthus commented on Mutt & Jeff 1 day ago

    Being Politically Correct is what allows the words of yesterday to be spoken of in whispers or in the dark where they can secretly breed more of the hate they represent. Only people like Norman Lear and Mel Brooks knew how to ‘defuse’ them and render them harmless.
    I would think crime movies and shows do more damage .than being politically incorrect

  2. Rhadamanthus commented on WuMo 2 days ago

    When I lived in Cleveland, Ohio we had a similar problem whenever there was a deep snow. The Snowsharks would leave the lake ans approach homes. It was terrifying – there would be a knock on the door and when you opened it – YAAA I!

  3. Rhadamanthus commented on Back to B.C. 3 days ago

    And so baseball began…although I thought Love was a term for tennis…

  4. Rhadamanthus commented on Big Nate 5 days ago

    I just hope that for once Lincoln allows Nate to have something nice in his life that tempers all the usual things that go wrong for him. It would add a pleasant note to an otherwise fine strip. After all, nobody has things go bad all the time.

  5. Rhadamanthus commented on Little Nemo 5 days ago

    I really smiled at this one. When I was a little boy Christmas trees were just switching from the little tin candle holders to modern electric lights. The electrics were/are totally safer, but there was a glow to candles that was just special.

  6. Rhadamanthus commented on Endtown 6 days ago


    That was bad. Pastis would be proud of you…

  7. Rhadamanthus commented on Dark Side of the Horse 9 days ago

    I see Horace likes the Nyan Cat video…

  8. Rhadamanthus commented on Scary Gary 12 days ago

    Shouldn’t it be he wants me ‘live’?

  9. Rhadamanthus commented on Fort Knox 12 days ago

    I believe panel 3 is “Little Dog Lost”, but I’m not sure about panel 4.

  10. Rhadamanthus commented on Non Sequitur 13 days ago

    The only slight chance you have of learning the truth of what is happening in America is to listen to the foreign news.