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  1. Rhadamanthus commented on Dark Side of the Horse about 9 hours ago

    After looking at those waves I realized Samson can actually draw when he wants to…

  2. Rhadamanthus commented on MythTickle 1 day ago

    Interesting piece of trivia – the peasant the showed the persians the hidden pass that allowed them to move behind the Spartans was named efialtes (don’t know how it’s spelled so I did it phonetically). To this day the Greek word for traitor is his name.

  3. Rhadamanthus commented on Little Nemo 2 days ago

    More like Indentured Servitude…

  4. Rhadamanthus commented on Arlo and Janis 3 days ago

    While it seems cruel to us, it’s all part of evolution…

  5. Rhadamanthus commented on U.S. Acres 9 days ago

    Clever. From left to right – Red, Green, Blue, Yellow…

  6. Rhadamanthus commented on Dark Side of the Horse 10 days ago

    This explains Mary Poppins at last!

  7. Rhadamanthus commented on Endtown 10 days ago

    Curious. Since Wally knows of Aaron Marx, why does he not recognize him in this form?
    Perhaps Marx wants to provide him with insights that he would not get on his own.
    And what of the liquid Oracle?…

  8. Rhadamanthus commented on Barney & Clyde 11 days ago

    That truly was an awe-inspiring documentary; I loved it.

  9. Rhadamanthus commented on Diamond Lil 12 days ago

    Wow! There must have been a lot of grease in that hamburger…

  10. Rhadamanthus commented on Endtown 14 days ago

    Speaking of “things” that seem to know all – how about that pool of water (?) that is called the Oracle. Marx speaks to it and even drinks from it. Is it related to the “Jim-Thing”?
    Will we see it again?