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  1. lunatic03867 commented on Heart of the City 4 days ago

    The 4 best days of the year: November 1, December 26, February 15, and the day after Easter. All the chocolate is on SALE!!!

    I used to go to the local Walgreens around 11:45 at night and fill a small basket with my selection. If it wasn’t after 12:05, I would grab a magazine and sit by the pharmacy window and read until it was time. (Sale prices kicked in at 12:01, but not everyone’s clock is set the same.)

  2. lunatic03867 commented on Get Fuzzy 8 days ago

    Don’t forget Catbert and Ratbert!!

  3. lunatic03867 commented on Imagine This 12 days ago

    Rebooting again? Will there ever be anything NEW???

  4. lunatic03867 commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 28 days ago

    My neighbor has a chihuahua that is very chill. (Everyone jokes that she’s a cat in a dog suit.) I was petting her the other day and said “She needs a bath.” She put her ears back and squinted at me as if to say “That’s and evil word!” I then say “You wanna cookie?” and she starts drooling.

  5. lunatic03867 commented on W.T. Duck about 1 month ago

    This one is from 2008.

  6. lunatic03867 commented on Rabbits Against Magic about 1 month ago

    Fishing line is cheaper, easier to get, easier to conceal, and there are more ways to get rid of it.

  7. lunatic03867 commented on Ink Pen about 1 month ago

    Decaf still has some caffeine.

  8. lunatic03867 commented on Ink Pen about 1 month ago

    Decaf still has some caffeine.

  9. lunatic03867 commented on Close to Home 3 months ago

    The hands of the clock look like they have condoms on them.

  10. lunatic03867 commented on Nick and Zuzu 3 months ago

    Read this: