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  1. Joshua commented on Endtown 1 day ago

    The guy selling the paper doesn’t notice that the coat is bloodstained?

  2. Joshua commented on Garfield Classics 2 days ago

    Odie used to belong to Lyman, Jon’s old roommate. Lyman was eventually written out, but Odie stayed.

  3. Joshua commented on Gil 4 days ago

    This will end badly. I don’t think mommy is in touch with the current generation.

  4. Joshua commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 4 days ago

    And her parents don’t mind that she’s going to a camp they know nothing about?

  5. Joshua commented on Peanuts 4 days ago

    A lot of us are like that this year.

  6. Joshua commented on FoxTrot Classics 4 days ago

    Isn’t Independence day next week?

  7. Joshua commented on Gil 4 days ago

    I like the remark about “No bouncy checks”.

  8. Joshua commented on Calvin and Hobbes 4 days ago

    Why should Hobbes care? He never gets dessert.

  9. Joshua commented on FoxTrot 5 days ago

    Wonder if that maze is solvable. Pass through all the items before reaching the end.

  10. Joshua commented on Adult Children 5 days ago

    I looked into Verison. No unlimited data plans, so I wasn’t impressed.