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  1. MoonsingerFan commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 6 months ago

    The creature I remember eating Stretch Armstrong’s frozen mice is Ms. Goatsucker, after her capture when she spent the first night with our heroes in a previous story. Even for Goatsucker’s nourishment, I wouldn’t wish to see Isabelle die just now.

  2. MoonsingerFan commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 7 months ago

    I love these characters already, and their story. I can hardly wait for each day’s new edition.

    Thank you, Kory, for your beautiful work!

  3. MoonsingerFan commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 8 months ago

    Thanks for the poetry, Kory! Love the different style and coloring. Good to see your work again!

  4. MoonsingerFan commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 11 months ago

    @sukiec, I’m sorry for your sake to hear of your possible upcoming surgery, but if your new doctor decides to do it, I sincerely hope that it works well. As a glaucoma patient myself, I know that’s a very narrow range of IOP to reach, because that’s where my ophthalmologist is trying to keep my right eye. It can be done, although I’m still using two different drops even after surgery with a shunt installed. Still, as long as it preserves my eyesight, I’m not complaining.

    There are more extensive surgeries that I will probably need in future, along with cataract surgery, but that’s life. If you need to vent anytime about it, I’ll be glad to chat with you by email. Just let me know, and we’ll figure it out. Please keep us posted on what happens. (((((HUGS!)))))

  5. MoonsingerFan commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 11 months ago

    I can hardly wait to see what’s going to happen next, and find out what’s happened to Biff. I hope that this blob is not him. This has been an absolutely wonderful story and I will hate to see it end, but I really want to know how it ends. Does that make sense to anyone else?

  6. MoonsingerFan commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 12 months ago

    She’s not a bad person? Please! What more does it take to be a bad person than helping and harboring the monster that she and they have been hunting for months and even years? That’s certainly not the behavior of a good person.

  7. MoonsingerFan commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 12 months ago

    Killing Dr. Periwether may be the only way to vanquish Flimm. Her mind is so far gone that I don’t think there’s much hope for saving her anyway. Maybe her death will allow the Mushpits to return with Biff, and they can place Elijah as his little brother. If they can change people’s memories to make them think a child who has been missing for years has never been gone, they should be able to add in another child when they reform Biff’s parents’ memories.

  8. MoonsingerFan commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 12 months ago

    Perhaps it’s Heckbender? It could have gotten a name for him from Goatsucker which was slightly incorrect. Or might it be one of the denizens of Slynderfell’s?

  9. MoonsingerFan commented on Lucky Cow about 1 year ago

    It’s not true that increasing the minimum wage will raise prices excessively, unless the companies use that as an excuse. Economists say that McDonalds could raise minimum wage level to $10.00 an hour and only have to raise prices by about 5 cents per burger. Plus, if these people were being paid a minimum wage that had kept up with inflation, we wouldn’t be spending a fortune in taxes to pay for them to be on food stamps, rent support, and Earned Income Tax Credits. Keeping the minimum wage at such low levels means that tax payers are subsidizing major corporations that are making record profits. Why should we have to do that?

  10. MoonsingerFan commented on Maintaining about 1 year ago

    I’m not sure if that’s true that it dies with him. I have heard of parents being forced to pay their college-age child’s student loans after the child died.