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  1. eternal commented on Heart of the City over 4 years ago

    Goddess bless Tudaze as he crosses over the Rainbow bridge and may the Goddess ease your sorrow over his loss.

  2. eternal commented on Cathy about 6 years ago

    Gonna seriously miss this comic, it has been a part of my life for many years. Thanks for the years of great comics and please…put out a book of all the strips, I would gladly buy it.

  3. eternal commented on Stone Soup about 7 years ago

    Nice to see a rendition of you Jan and I agree with your views on this issue. Comics are the best part of any paper and online versions are the first part of my morning. I hope someone on high heard you and might see it in their hearts to let comics go back to a larger size.

  4. eternal commented on Stone Soup about 7 years ago

    I think Jan has a right to complain, comics are getting smaller and it’s not right or fair.

  5. eternal commented on Agnes over 7 years ago

    I adore Agnes, she has a lovely warped view of the world and is not afraid to use it.