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  1. ratdogbert commented on Monty 5 days ago

    I love that the right wing, ancient freak-show is gone from the comments!

  2. ratdogbert commented on Dark Side of the Horse 12 days ago

    So glad you felt the need to let everyone know you got the joke(s)! Clever girl! Nice touches!

    Such an edition [sic] to this addition [sic] of another GoComics contributing reader!

  3. ratdogbert commented on Luann 12 days ago

    Finally – she’s into ATM.

  4. ratdogbert commented on Ted Rall 13 days ago

    Do you even know where the 1% begins? They are in charge of very little, and while well paid compared to the average, have horrid debt levels that are also on par with the average.

    An arbitrary number chosen for convenience, and you think everyone is Warren Buffet at 1%.

  5. ratdogbert commented on Ted Rall 13 days ago

    Not true – all the benefits due full time workers (not spot labor) are due from staffing companies, which fall under the classification of PEO – Professional Employment Organizations.

    Their size alone makes providing benefits a bargain for companies. In addition, the staffing cost do not appear, as per SEC/Corporate Laws – GAAP, and IRS, show on quarterly and annual reports as different from standing liabilities against their revenue deductions.

    You can’t be let go for any reason that isn’t valid for standard hires and you are covered by unemployment premiums and disability premiums, 401K and other instruments, and health insurance options (including AFLAC and others) for all outsourced employment thru PEOs for full time workers, either as defined by the state or the company, should they wish to pay for that option at 21 hour or 30 hours, etc.

    Sounds like you were handled differently because the other option was just to kill you. Or perhaps you just like to believe what you hear.

  6. ratdogbert commented on Monty 14 days ago

    Except for the words “U.S. ARMY” on the document he’s reading for protocols.

    Of course, the air traffic control tower is a bit strange. Perhaps it is an A-10 base.

  7. ratdogbert commented on Ted Rall 19 days ago

    show me the police report. That’s both an exaggerated movie theme and part of Richard Marcinko’s (SEAL II & creator of SEAL VI) biography, without the droppings.

  8. ratdogbert commented on Ted Rall 19 days ago

    or perhaps someone with a “taste’ for German Porn?"

  9. ratdogbert commented on Pearls Before Swine 19 days ago

    And we call people like you, who turn a comic into a personal crusade, stretched, goatse, anal pores.

  10. ratdogbert commented on Non Sequitur 19 days ago

    You must not understand:
    −14 temps + high wind = 40 degree windchill