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  1. ratdogbert commented on Sarah's Scribbles 2 days ago

    Wow, you guys just don’t get it. That’s an internal, inferiority complex developing, just by looking at someone whose sketches are not mere sketches. I can think of countless similarities in other fields as well.

  2. ratdogbert commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 3 days ago

    You used a PLURAL. So name two others.

    Perhaps if you examined them through the jaundiced eye of how childish the law upon which these witch-hunts are based, you’d understand that they are not limited to a child’s interpretation.

  3. ratdogbert commented on Cow and Boy Classics 3 days ago

    "We were all once Feces! You, me, even the president!”

    -J. Peter Grace to Reagan & audience, speaking at a pro-life dinner, and acknowledging how he was surprisingly conceived (or mixing up fetus and feces).

    Don’t believe? GoogIt.

  4. ratdogbert commented on Scary Gary 3 days ago

    PORK. Humans smell & taste like pork. Ask any firefighter. At a minimum, they know the scent.

  5. ratdogbert commented on CowTown 3 days ago

    he could with henna. every year would be new.

  6. ratdogbert commented on Luann Bonus Material 3 days ago

    She returns to stripping to pay for an MFA… so a little BoTox and someone other than her grandmother cutting her hair enlivens things 6 months after this photo.

    Quill even learns about 5a-reductase and minoxidil, and decides to become the weekend house “Dad” at the Gold Club, where LuAnn works, leading to some great adult situation strips and a comic like "Menage a 3” starring LuAnn and her sentient strap-on!

  7. ratdogbert commented on Luann 3 days ago

    I’m troubled by how the sublime beauty of the shredding 2D forms still fails to permit us to visually and conceptually activate & access the true intentions of LuAnn’s work.

  8. ratdogbert commented on Ted Rall 6 days ago


    I don’t know how you find the resolve and ability to address such divergent vitriol that posts here (and whatever other forms you get it in).

    I’d have stuck it out with Gaines & “the idiots” or just closed up the lower half like Brook did over such harmless ‘toons (though he DOES have a succubus in his!!!).

    I’d rather see you answer on Sundays & with Stewart, than to this bunch of “I’ll tell YOU what YOU said… not YOU!"

  9. ratdogbert commented on Pearls Before Swine 7 days ago

    Hey Sherlock — all cordless base stations need power to connect to the phone line – there was never, even in 49MHz days, a cordless that could TRANSMIT from the base, without all power.

    No shiit there, sherlock. Another genius like the numb nuts above you. You two should write a book together. “All the wrong answers than can be assembled about everything our shrinking grey matter can recall."

  10. ratdogbert commented on Non Sequitur 7 days ago

    what a classic case of Inferiority Complex Compensation. Also a classic case of “can’t shut the heII up – EVER.