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  1. starcandles GoComics Pro Member commented on John Deering 2 days ago

    Justice Scalia is one of the few who abides by the Constitution!

  2. starcandles GoComics Pro Member commented on Stone Soup 9 days ago

    A major teaching moment for Val.

  3. starcandles GoComics Pro Member commented on Eek! 10 days ago

    How about using correct grammar? “Are pictures of dogs”. Plural.

  4. starcandles GoComics Pro Member commented on Stone Soup 10 days ago

    Your own fault, Val. You are making some bad decisions lately. You almost lost the best thing that ever happened to you through your own fault, & who in their right mind would schedule a remodel before a wedding? Bad choices, girl! Start listening to your Mom & friends a bit more! Ignoring fact is never a good idea!

  5. starcandles GoComics Pro Member commented on Scott Stantis 11 days ago

    The Confederate Flag is simply a part of history. But, it belongs in a museum, not being flown over a city. These idiots who want to tear down the Jefferson memorial & various other memorials are unreasonable. Are you going to tear up the civil war memorial battlefields & historical monuments while you are at it? How about destroying the historical plantations scattered around the country? ISIS does that in the middle east. They destroy history. I am so sick of all of this unreasonable, emotional stupidity. Get over it, people. Amazon pulls it’s confederate stuff & does not pull it’s NAZI stuff? Both are history. Get over it. Stupid is as stupid does.

  6. starcandles GoComics Pro Member commented on The Born Loser 12 days ago

    I managed restaurants for 20 years. The dishwasher cycles on commercial equipment is only a few minutes. Not like the ones you have at home.

  7. starcandles GoComics Pro Member commented on FoxTrot Classics 13 days ago

    Super Soaker time!

  8. starcandles GoComics Pro Member commented on Marshall Ramsey 16 days ago

    Interesting. Under this administration, more women than ever have lost jobs & are out of the workforce. 52 million of us along with the 92 million Americans who have given up looking for work. I see Hillary pays her female staffers less than the men for the same job. Ah, the hypocrisy! Liberalism at it’s finest! And now, with the hypocrites in Congress trying to back Obama for TPP & TAA, there go the rest of what few jobs are left overseas. I never thought that I would align with the Unions in trying to stop jobs from fleeing the country. When will the Unions & minorities wake up & realize they are getting screwed by government? Yet, they keep voting for these people who want cheap labor & open borders. The NWO.

  9. starcandles GoComics Pro Member commented on For Better or For Worse 17 days ago

    Normal is now big government trying to squelch all traces of personal individuality & responsibility so that the young generation gets used to being monitored at all times with no concept of privacy. Future slaves for the state. The family unit has truly been destroyed by design so that no backup for people is available when they need a helping hand, except for government. The world has gone mad, I tell you!

  10. starcandles GoComics Pro Member commented on Lola 18 days ago

    It has become absurd. The entire world has gone mad with people getting offended. Major Idiots! Hahahahahaha! I hope they take offense! We are all entitled to our own opinions without fear of political retaliations. We have all had unique experiences that shape our opinions, & no government or group of persons can change our minds, nor should they try!