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  1. goauntjo commented on Ballard Street about 1 month ago

    or know the difference between your and you’re

  2. goauntjo commented on Ten Cats 7 months ago

    So sorry about the loss of our friend Linda. She was so faithful in posting pictures for all of us to enjoy and started something I hope can be continued. I am not computer literate and rarely comment but read the comments faithfully.

  3. goauntjo commented on Ten Cats 8 months ago

    In Moose County?

  4. goauntjo commented on Ten Cats 9 months ago

    Yep, need a new PCP. And thank you for your service to America. Our servicemen and women are so often underappreciated.

  5. goauntjo commented on Ten Cats over 1 year ago

    It is a comment on today’s state of affairs; not offensive to any but the thin skinned. All of Linda’s cat finds are delightful and/or very funny.

  6. goauntjo commented on 2 Cows and a Chicken over 1 year ago

    Chickens are omnivores…next to vultures they are natures best garbage disposals.

  7. goauntjo commented on Kliban's Cats over 1 year ago

    the tee shirt that goes with this comic has the dogs on the back and the cat & bike on the front

  8. goauntjo commented on One Big Happy almost 2 years ago

    soaky soaks you clean in oceans full of fun
    scrubbley bubbley hippity hoppity
    clean before you’re done

  9. goauntjo commented on Get Fuzzy almost 2 years ago

    Incorrect assumption; depends on the cat. I have two mother cats who bring in rodents nearly as large as themselves. Perhaps being farm raised vs. city dweller makes the difference.

  10. goauntjo commented on Pearls Before Swine almost 2 years ago

    And when you are without electricity for days, the internet is down, cell towers are damaged you will have a wonderful time with your handheld computer. The world having room for books and computers at the same time? Perish the thought!