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  1. fbjsr commented on Prickly City 2 days ago

    I have met them both. While for some reason Henry is still loved in San Antonio, Julian not so much. When he first became Mayor he was pretty good but then he got ambitious and began pandering to party officials and made some obama style decisions that hurt the the city and angered people.

  2. fbjsr commented on Prickly City 2 days ago

    Bush was victim to Clinton’s HUD secretary who caused the housing crash which brought done the economy.

  3. fbjsr commented on Prickly City 3 days ago

    No, he had it right. We elect them to toss out obamacare, cut the waste in government and so on. when they get there they cave to the dems and give them everything no matter how much it ruins the country. Only Ted Cruz did what he said he would while running and he was attacked for it.

  4. fbjsr commented on Prickly City 5 days ago

    Yesterday you answered me by saying that Brown asked for a tax increase and asked about Kansas. Which had nothing to do with what I was talking about. I was talking about how the democrats put the party above the people. What you replied had absolutely nothing to do with what stienberg said. You bringing that up would be like me replying to your comment today “but you can’t argue with the fact that Patton’s counter attack saved the battle of the bulge”.

  5. fbjsr commented on Prickly City 5 days ago

    To show that if you want to do something you take what steps you can get. If you don’t really want something you reject it. Cigarettes were not banned in one step but in pieces and places. Gays in the military had don’t ask don’t tell as a bridge. If they truly wanted to reduce shootings as they say they would welcome any steps no matter how small. They just want to use it like they have all the other social issues and fool the people.

  6. fbjsr commented on Prickly City 6 days ago

    For the people who just listen to talking points and do not actually know what happened the democrats put in a bill that if you are on a no fly list or watch list you can not by a gun. The Republican said that since department officials can put anybody they want on a watch list (remember the IRS targeting the TEA party) they wanted judicial review before they were banned. Neither passed. If they voted for the Republican one they could have then put in a rider that anyone on a list could not buy a gun until they underwent judicial review. But since they couldn’t risk it looking like that they Republicans not them did something they voted it down.

  7. fbjsr commented on Prickly City 6 days ago

    Yesterday the democrats in the senate proved they have no interest in gun control. Like everything else they do it is strictly for their image and to get votes. This is basically what happened. The speed limit is 100 mph. Both the democrats and the Republicans say this is too high. The democrats want to lower it to 40 and the Republicans said that’s too low and voted it down. The Republican then said we will lower it to 60 and the democrats said that’s not low enough and voted it down. If the democrats were truly interested in the safety of people like they claim they would have voted for the reduction to 60 and said this is not enough and we will continue to fight to get it to 40. But at least for the first time we were able to get some reduction and this will save lives and make it easier to get it to the 40 where it needs to be. But once again the democrats proved that the bi-partisanship that they talk so much about means that the Republicans compromise not them.

  8. fbjsr commented on Prickly City 6 days ago

    But the exact same thing can be said about people voting for Hillary and the democrats. A good example of the dems putting party over the people is when Brown became gov of cal, Darrell Stienberg said in the press that if Brown ask for same reductions that Schwarzenegger asked for they would give it to them. Meaning that they knew Schwarzenegger’s ideas were good and they just apposed them because a Republican asked for them.

  9. fbjsr commented on Prickly City 9 days ago

    Yep the war was Cheney’s fault. The airplanes into the towers had nothing to do with it.

  10. fbjsr commented on Prickly City 9 days ago

    Important issues such as which bathroom you can use? The silly Republicans only want to talk about jobs and boarder security and stopping terrorism.