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  1. fbjsr commented on Pearls Before Swine about 4 hours ago

    My kids were smart enough to know that if they were alergic to something to not trade their food.

  2. fbjsr commented on Mike Luckovich 3 days ago

    But it is the truth. Baltimore, Chicago, New York and LA to name a few. Also show me where Republicans have appossed those things. They may disagree how to achieve them. Such as we don’t think just throwing more money to be wasted is going to improve schools.

  3. fbjsr commented on For Better or For Worse 4 days ago

    Malcolm John Rebennack

  4. fbjsr commented on Stone Soup 4 days ago

    Not always. The surgery could be to set the leg properly.

  5. fbjsr commented on Stone Soup 4 days ago

    No, surgery could be required to set the bones and and possibly put in screws and maybe a rod.

  6. fbjsr commented on Clay Jones 4 days ago

    To start with Gray was a known criminal who fled when the police tried to talk to him. It is a crime to flee from the police. So his arrest was not illegal. I do not know if he was on probation at the time which would re-enforce the legality of his arrest. Once again this is a situation where if the young black man had simply did what the police had told him to do he would have been alive. If Brown had simply got out of the street and kept walking when told to he would be alive. If Gray had simply stopped and answered a few questions he would be alive. What are the police supposed to do? Ignore criminal behavior if the suspect is black? The people complaining about this would be the first to complain that the police were not doing their job if Brown mugged them and Gray sold drugs to their kids.

  7. fbjsr commented on Prickly City 5 days ago

    Yes, but the Clintons are a current topic as they are running for president. Therefore they can be mentioned.

  8. fbjsr commented on Baldo 5 days ago

    Under the current medical system they have plenty of time to play tag while they wait in line. So they can do both.

  9. fbjsr commented on Prickly City 5 days ago

    San Diego was going to do a desalination plant but inviromentalist took them to court and blocked them. So know the people of San Diego get to drink reclaimed water.

  10. fbjsr commented on Prickly City 5 days ago