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  1. avatarjk137 commented on Endtown over 4 years ago

    For the record, koalas will chew your finger clean off. I don’t know if they have to be angry to do that.

  2. avatarjk137 commented on My Cage: New and Old about 5 years ago

    She contributes to a toxic work environment.

  3. avatarjk137 commented on Endtown over 5 years ago


  4. avatarjk137 commented on Stone Soup almost 6 years ago

    Holly’s right. Just becuase she’s the mom doesn’t mean it ain’t a cop-out.

  5. avatarjk137 commented on Bleeker: The Rechargeable Dog almost 6 years ago

    I want a Twizzler squid.

  6. avatarjk137 commented on Dick Tracy about 6 years ago

    If I were a billionaire, could I get an aura of thousand-dollar bills that orbits loosely around me? Because it’s the most awesome superpower I’ve seen all month.

  7. avatarjk137 commented on Lio about 6 years ago

    This party will be wicked.

  8. avatarjk137 commented on Red and Rover over 6 years ago


    “What’s new in the funnies?” “Not enough.”

    Ironic, coming from a period piece strip.

  9. avatarjk137 commented on Baldo over 6 years ago

    Ladies and gentlemen, the Visible Rod.

  10. avatarjk137 commented on Dick Tracy over 6 years ago

    To sum it all up:

    • Dick Tracy didn’t do any detective work.
    • The grandson of a previous villain tried to kill Tracy. Said grandson is a grown man, but Tracy doesn’t seem any older.
    • Tracy was saved not by any action of his own or of any of his allies, but by a woman who is herself trying to kill Tracy, because he was prioritizing his own life over a play.
    • Tracy was then saved from this woman by dumb luck and impossible physics (she’d have to be pretty directly under the plane to get crushed by it, an angle she wouldn’t be shooting at Tracy and the Blank from).