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The Old Man & His Dog by Troy Peterson

The Old Man & His Dog

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  1. hubblijr commented on Bewley 20 days ago

    Amen, brother.

  2. hubblijr commented on Calvin and Hobbes 2 months ago

    We demonstrate the “truth” of relativity every time we use our GPS. The readings from GPS satellites have to be corrected (and are) for relativistic time dilation or positioning would be significantly off.

  3. hubblijr commented on Rabbits Against Magic 8 months ago

    I’ve always wondered, how are Ewoks less ridiculous?

  4. hubblijr commented on It's All About You over 1 year ago

    Why does only this strip take so long to load???

  5. hubblijr commented on It's All About You almost 2 years ago

    Won’t load for last few days

  6. hubblijr commented on Tim Eagan almost 2 years ago

    Always a puzzle: if they are so bad, how do they get elected?

  7. hubblijr commented on In the Sticks almost 3 years ago


  8. hubblijr commented on Red and Rover over 3 years ago

    Sorry to nit pick, but you want one big enough not one small enough…

  9. hubblijr commented on Over the Hedge about 4 years ago

    OMG! I’m out of control, too.

  10. hubblijr commented on Basic Instructions about 4 years ago

    What I could never figure out is why, if they are so fiendish as to operate on you and steal a kidney, why bother to sew you up (ie reconnect all the cut arteries, etc.) and then go to all the trouble of getting you into a tub of ice. Why bother?