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  1. Silmenume commented on Liberty Meadows 6 days ago

    Cho’s been retired from this strip for years….

  2. Silmenume commented on Michael Ramirez 7 days ago

    “An act of Treason”? I do not think you know what the word means as you have used it. It is the President who is acting Treasonous when he has consistent and aggressively taken actions or not taken actions which have put the US at greater and greater risk of survival.
    With regards to what the authors of the letter did and wrote is not “treason.” The letter bespoke on two basic points. 1. ANY treaty that the president negotiates MUST pass the Senate. THAT is Constitutional Law. The authors of the letter explained to the leader of another nation – one that sponsors terrorists around the world, has broken nearly every agreement on its nuclear program with international institutions and has lied repeatedly about the scope of its operations.
    2. It is the DUTY of the SENATE to ADVISE the President when and where it sees fit on matters of national interest – that too is CONSTITUTIONAL Law. This letter told the foreign power that he might be pushing the President around to an embarrassing degree, but remember there are other people involved who aren’t so plain stupid.
    3. The members of the Senate – acting within their Constitutional powers merely indicated how they were planning to VOTE on the treaty. This Vote which happens to be a process enshrined in the Constitution to help dilute the powers of the – wait for it (I know it will be hard to believe) – the President.

    Treason? For writing an open letter? Please… How about using the power and authority of the government to alter an election? How about enacting laws without Congress? How about letting the people in Benghazi die for political reasons?

    Did you know there is a process in place, by law, that when a US embassy makes a distress call that the military is preauthorized to respond i.e. it does not have to wait for the President to make a decision? There is only one way to stop the automatic response – the President of the US.

    Treason? Really?

  3. Silmenume commented on Baldo 9 days ago

    Has anyone here not heard of the Kardashians? They are famous for no reason than other being famous.

  4. Silmenume commented on Michael Ramirez 9 days ago

    We can certainly thank our “President” for helping make this a reality.

  5. Silmenume commented on Monty 29 days ago

    It is a shame – I thought Monty was an amusing comic strip. Now I see it as a hate filled political cartoon. That is fine, but if that is the case it should be moved from the main section of this sight and move to the political cartoon section.

  6. Silmenume commented on Monty 29 days ago

    That’s the “inclusive” left. Offending everyone who isn’t in the “included” group, extremely aggressive to those who aren’t, clueless as cardboard to their own hypocrisy that “inclusive” by definition doesn’t have boundaries. Yet one constantly sees ruthless policing of “inclusive” orthodoxy and a psychopathic lack of empathy towards those who are ejected from “inclusion.”

    Tell me “ChessPirate” if you are left and believe in inclusion how do you square your hatred and racism with the idea of inclusion?

    Answer: One can’t – logically. Contemporary Liberal thinking is in nearly complete opposition to the great history of Western Liberal philosophy that guided such people as Thomas Jefferson and Madame Curie. Contemporary Liberal thinking believes there is no truth and therefore nothing can be asserted beyond the individual – yet the cry like a baby when someone points out that AGW has failed EVERY SINGLE PREDICTION it has made. That is the SCIENTIFIC definition of a FAILED theory. So the left has been caught doctoring the data time and again but that doesn’t stop them, oh no! For the left science isn’t the search for the truth where the facts lead, but rather the process of seeking support for pet theories. Completely backward!!! And the left calls the right backward. Isn’t that ironic? Politically correct speech? A method for obscuring the truth.

    Hey Nicole: Have you seen the picture of the women being beheaded by Islamic State? Have you seen the videos of women being stoned to death? I guess you support these activities because you are opposed to any actions taken to stop them?

  7. Silmenume commented on Lisa Benson about 1 month ago

    All nice character assassinations! But terrible logic. In fact every post so far has shown no logic at all but the infantile (and logical fallacy of ad hominem) of not engaging the argument but attacking the person proposing the argument. Very small minded and cheap.

    Engage the idea that Iran IS working towards nuclear weapons and what would come of such a world and what if anything should be done about it.

    But everyone here so far is so attached to liberal orthodoxy that to examine a reality would either bring forth a case of cognitive dissonance or wake them up to the fact that there is serious flaws to their religion of denial.

    Are all you previous posters OK with a nuclear Iran? You all sure seem so.

  8. Silmenume commented on Michael Ramirez about 1 month ago

    Which is why in a Left wing post modernist liberal dominated industry he has won awards for his work. He must just be insane because he couldn’t possibly have anything real to say. Ted, you look like you grew up in the sixties. How was the summer of Hedonis….er…of Love? Of course Love meant to give of yourself to others in need without thought of yourself right?

    The grand irony of post modernist thought is that it professes there is no objective truth, yet this “inclusive” group is the most hardcore orthodox group about policing what is acceptable thinking and what is not acceptable thinking. The left abhors free speech and it abhors diversity of thought – it is the complete antithesis of the Western Liberal philosophy that brought us Democracy, freedom of inquiry and most importantly freedom of thought. Remember on college campuses the fight for freedom of speech in the 60’s? Completely gone now.

    How does it feel to be the brutal defender of Orthodoxy?

  9. Silmenume commented on Jeff Danziger 4 months ago

    Maybe those countries that American officials who still avoid flying over include those where forcing girls to marry at 8 years of age is legal, where rape of girl results in her punishment, where the militants fight without being under the color of authority in direct contradiction of the Geneva Conventions, where the militants use civilians as human shields in firefights, where car bombs are common events, where beheadings are not shocking, where anyone who is not muslim is harassed until they leave the country or are killed -

    - yeah maybe those EVIL Americans should be hunted down. They are just so blasted EVIL. I mean we see how the rest of the world conducts itself in such respect for the human condition.

    BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES! You want something to reach whine about try immigrating into Mexico from its southern border – or try living in ISIL or any Muslim Country.

  10. Silmenume commented on For Better or For Worse 4 months ago

    Too all that seem to think that a large family means disaster for the children study after study shows that children of large families are BETTER behaved, do better in school, graduate with higher degrees in college, make more money and give more to charity.

    This does not square with liberal view of life, but then the liberal view of life is one of death.