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  1. Silmenume commented on Michael Ramirez 7 days ago

    You must have mis-typed. I think you must have meant to say, “An incredibly stupid president.”

    He lied and lied and lied about the payoff being a ransom payment and then, THEN!, he turns around and said he lied about lying and that it really was a ransom payment!

    In case you can’t see it, maybe its the liberal blinders on, but your president LIED repeatedly to Congress and the American public. I’ll say it again – He LIED and admitted LYING.

    Why does that not bother any liberal?

  2. Silmenume commented on Farcus 8 days ago

    They’ll meet all the Dr’s who have ruthlessly and remorselessly murdered millions upon millions of babies that were sacrificed upon the altar of hedonism.

  3. Silmenume commented on Jeff Danziger 9 days ago

    Did anyone bother to read the totality of Rudy’s comments? Or did you all rush to the kool-aid being handed out by the press? Because if you bothered to do anything more than just slurp down the narrative and not the news you just might have a better understanding of what was said.

    Do you fools really think, for even one moment, that the man who lost friends in the 9/11 attack, dealt with the immediate and long term after effects forgot for one moment what happened? Seriously? There is sooooooooooo much blind, frothing hatred spewing out that one does not even bother the consider what was said before the hate machine kicks in.

    This is modern liberalism vs classical liberalism. Ready? Knee jerk response vs considered reflection before responding. After the surprise attack by ISLAMIC terrorists, surprise because the US was not combatting and making special effects to prevent ISLAMIC terrorism, it HAD BEEN OVER 7 YEARS since another attack was made by ISLAMIC TERRORISTS on US soil.

    Thus the logic goes as such. The US was making no special effort to thwart ISLAMIC terrorism. The US was attacked by ISLAMIC terrorists. The US made efforts to protect itself from ISLAMIC terrorists and did so successfully for 7.5+ (or rounded 8) years. IOW once the we were awoken to the threat of ISLAMIC terrorism and took actions there was not one other successful attack under the watch of the same presidency.

    How long is a presidency? 8 years. Huh. Was that so hard to understand? No. It’s just easier to twist meanings to hate and for political gain; to promote the liberal agenda that to try and understand the spirit of the remarks.

    It’s embarrassing how hollow and simple also these supposedly outraged liberals makes themselves out to be whenever they manufacture outrage.

    Remember – the Democrats are the PARTY of SLAVERY. The party of JIM CROW. The party that did not pass the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT. Johnson may have signed the bill, but he hated it and did so only out of political expediency.

  4. Silmenume commented on Jeff Danziger 26 days ago

    I don’t get this cartoon. Trump hasn’t done anything illegal or reckless with National Intel yet…but we know that Hillary has….beyond a doubt.

    Hillary acted on the premise that it is better to hide her legally public correspondence and this is in her mind was much more important that protecting government secrets. The report by the FBI showed she lied and lied and lied about her actions and that what she did was extremely dangerous.

    Hillary has leaked national security secrets, tet this cartoonist is harping on a possibility while completely ignoring a reality.

    Is he being paid by Hillary or what?

  5. Silmenume commented on Lio 3 months ago

    You must be referring to lightning Mitch McConnell who took lessons from glacial Dirty Harry Reid.

  6. Silmenume commented on Monty 4 months ago

    If you’re talking ANCIENT pre-verbal hominid ancestor then we must be referring to Hillary.

  7. Silmenume commented on Michael Ramirez 5 months ago

    Osama bin Laden made Osama bin Laden. He made the choices to become who he was. He didn’t like what America did, that was his own choice what he did with that.

    >>Wait, I thought all 1.6 Billion Muslims are ISIS now we are telling the truth that it is only a small minority?<<

    Have you even looked at the Koran? Are you aware there is NOTHING in it the prevents Muslims from murdering Infidels. Point in fact, a practicing Muslim is, upon meeting an infidel, supposed to immediately ask if they will convert to Islam. The infidels has three choices -

    1. Accept.
    2. Submit themselves to the annual tax and accept public humiliation every year. That is only supposed to be extended to those who follow/believe the Old Testament.
    3. Be murdered on the spot for refusing 1 and 2.

    This is religion that is soaked in blood by its own teachings. While everyone may not be jihadis the reason why the masses aren’t coming out against the attacks is that they comport with the basic tenets of the religion.

    While in Christianity EVERYONE is a child of God whether they believe or not Christians are supposed to treat everyone as a brother or sister. People may fail in this task but it is a fundamental tenet of the faith we are all one family are we are supposed to treat each other as such.

    In Islam if you are in infidel a Muslim can do anything he/she wants to because you aren’t saved. Lie, cheat, steal, murder, rape, enslave are all acceptable actions to perpetrate upon the infidel.

    Yet none of you goofs are willing to open your eyes and see the truth.

    FREX – did you know that not one single county in the history of Islam converted willingly? Every single one was converted under the sword.

  8. Silmenume commented on Lio 5 months ago

    If this so called comic strip artist wishes to become a political cartoonist then he should be honest with his readers and declare it so. But like all these guys and gals he is too much of a coward and so cowers behind his inertia and takes pot shots.

    Its obvious he’s not too bright because somehow his has completely missed out on all the crimes and murders that surround the Clintons. Nor does he seem in the least bit concerned that she broke the most important federal laws and she has a long history of covering up her husband’s many acts of rape/sexual assault.

    If Trump supporters are idiots then Hillary followers are aiders and abettors of criminals – yet he somehow can’t/won’t show that side of the story.

  9. Silmenume commented on Frazz 5 months ago

    Well Richard you have certainly put truth to the aphorism – “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt.”

    After your post there is absolutely no doubt remaining as to the level of your intelligence. My sympathies to you closed minded hate fueled ignorant life.

    There are things called “books”. The contain all sorts of interesting things. Sometimes they are filled with “facts”. You might want to try and acquaint yourself with them regarding a subject you are planning to hold forth on be opening your blowhole and declaring for all the world to see just how prejudiced and ill informed you truly are.

    The idea the men and women are equal in importance first appeared in the New Testament. That the human side of the church was going to staffed by humans and thus suffer from all the shortcomings of human nature – Exodus 32. So that human beings will fail is fully address in the history of Christianity. But then it also exhorts us to try to be the best we can be and then even better.

    But the one thing that appears over and over again is that we are to treat everyone with charity. However, I see that you find that part “domineering”.

  10. Silmenume commented on Lisa Benson 5 months ago

    You left out a very important fact about Germany’s power situation – Germany has frequent rolling brown and black outs. Its electrical power situation is so unstable that a number of major industrustries have left because they cannot function with such an unstable power supply. Given the level of instability Germany, the most technologically advanced country in Europe is getting awfully close to 3rd world levels of power stability.

    Why is that part NEVER discussed when discussing so called “renewable” power? It’s almost as if the proponents are either purposefully withholding that important downside or they are just plain dumb/ill informed.