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  1. Bob C. commented on Luann 25 days ago

    The rope ladder and bedroom sheets worked for my two daughters. LOL. Both lived out of state and married in the same year and surprised everyone. They have been married over 26 years now.

  2. Bob C. commented on Luann 25 days ago

    You are getting ahead of the story. Off to the Fuse!

  3. Bob C. commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    Personally, I hope Greg lets the get married and not pull of some surprise like a 5 alarm fire just before the ceremony and one of them gets hur or worse!

  4. Bob C. commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    Bob C.
    Bob C. said, 32 minutes ago
    PC has usurped that right! At one time people could express their opinions, but now the left-leaning media and is followers blast anyone who expresses themselves contrary to the lefts wishes. This s no longer a country of free speech – one of many reasons why Trump is ding so well politically.

  5. Bob C. commented on Pickles 4 months ago

    @zofy yes, left-wing government – they know what’s best for you!

  6. Bob C. commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 7 months ago

    Someone has been pranked! First, the Jets week 6 game was on a Sunday vs the Colts. He threw 2 TDs and no INTs for 82 tards and a 109 rating. The most TDs he threw in one game was in week 11, 2011 vs the Bills – it was 4TDs. This can be fact shecked at http://www.nfl.com/player/marksanchez/79858/gamelogs?season=2012 .

  7. Bob C. commented on Candorville 8 months ago

    No guarantee that things would have turned out differently! I voted for Kennedy and Johnson. Kennedy sent advisors to Vietnam. Johnson escalated it to a full blown war. Not sure what would have happened if Kennedy had never been shot. The Bay of Pigs turned out to be a fiasco. Kennedy did get Krushchev to back down on the missiles. Don’t be surprised if Putin sends missiles to Cuba So much for Hillary/Obama “reset”! Should that happen, Obama will sit in a corner messing his drawers while sucking his thumb. Nixon did not authorize the Watergate break-in, but did aid in the cover-up to protect his people when he found out. At least no Americans died in the Watergate scandal like what happened in Benghazi. Also, the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress and were set to impeach him over the cover-up. Lamont conveniently seems to have forgot that Iran took American hostages while Carter was president (who was the last Democrat I voted for President – and, no. I did not vote for Reagan nor Bush Sr. It also seems to be conveniently forgotten that both Bill and Hillary Clinton publicly claimed back in 1998 that Iraq (Saddam) had WMDs (nerve gas was used to kill the Kurds and he was working on getting a nuclear bomb. Those buses found buried in the desert weren’t used to manufacture drugs as the mainstream media biasly reported – legal drugs are manufactured in a plant with a controlled environment.

    Unfortunately, media bias has been rampant in the mainstream media going back to Eisenhower. All one needs to do is read the news reported by the mainstream media way back then and fact check it. The real “Faux” news is ABC, CBS, NBC, NY Times, SeattlePI and many other newspapers.

    The last honest political reporting was done by Drew Pearson and his protege, Jack Anderson. They went after corruption in both parties. Unfortunately, the mainstream media won’t hire reporters of that calibre who go after both political parties.

  8. Bob C. commented on Candorville 8 months ago

    @DavidHuieGreen – great post on the difference between a sociopath and a psychopath.

    @jkiss – you live in a dream world. While I was never a bully, I was often attacked by bullies throughout my school years. However, I learned to nip it in the bud. My first experience was with a heavyset kid who wore glasses in grade school. My mother drilled into me not to hit another kid wearing glasses. After a number of incidents, my mother tried to talk to his mother and was given a bunch of crap. My mother told me “next time, punch him in the nose”. Worked like a charm. His mother came complaining to my mother that I gave her son a bloody nose. My mother repeated that same crap back to his mother. Anyway, the kid never bothered me (or any other kid) the rest of the time we were in grade school. I learned one lesson – learn to defend yourself. It worked the rest of my school years when someone tried to bully me. I did establish a reputation that I was not one to mess with. When I saw another being bullied, I never hestitated to butt in and you would be surprised how often they backed down.

    BTW, when I was old enough to understand, my parents had no problem giving me a swat on my backside. I knew I did wrong and deserved it. The same with all my friends when I was growing up. Actually, this “spare the rod adn spoil the child” is more prone to raise a bully than not. They grow up believing they can get away with anything. I am not advocating a brutal beating or anything close, but once a child consistently chooses to ignore the word “NO” and gets defiant, all the “psychobabble” in the world isn’t going to help. Yes, some kids may eventually grow out of it, but many don’t and continue their ways through adulthood.

  9. Bob C. commented on Candorville 8 months ago

    Clyde has the right idea. You need to teach bullys a lesson when they are still young. Two ways to do this – teach your kid how to defeat the bully or get a bigger bully. In a perfect world you might get by with everybody singing “why can’t we all get along”. This is not a perfect world. Do you think ISIS is going to sing with you or whack your head off!

  10. Bob C. commented on Candorville 8 months ago

    Dearth Geekboy shows the low level of intelligence of those on the left and the lack of education they received from the neo-liberal public educational system.