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  1. Melissa McCance commented on Loose Parts about 2 years ago

    @PICTO Yeah, I noticed that, too!

  2. Melissa McCance commented on Cul de Sac over 2 years ago

    You created a unique and brilliant strip. Although it didn’t last anywhere near as long as we would have wished, “Cul de Sac” has earned a special place in the world of cartooning. Thank you.

  3. Melissa McCance commented on Brevity over 2 years ago

    YES, YES, YES! Can we put the dance moms in an adjacent area?

  4. Melissa McCance commented on Heart of the City almost 3 years ago

    @ JP Steve Nope! As Saucy1121 pointed out, reinforcement—negative or postive— increases the occurrence of a behavior; punishment decreases it. The method and result are completely different. If Heart were using negative reinforcement, Dean would be thinking about Star Wars even more than he normally does.

  5. Melissa McCance commented on Heart of the City almost 3 years ago

    I repeat: it’s not negative reinforcement, it’s punishment. Please don’t use the terminology if you aren’t going to use it correctly.

  6. Melissa McCance commented on Wizard of Id over 3 years ago

    I, too, immediately recognized this as a classic cartoon from The New Yorker. Very disappointed by such blatant plagiarism.

  7. Melissa McCance commented on Stone Soup over 4 years ago

    Not many strips manage to be insightful, touching and laugh-out-loud funny. This one does! I’ve already decided to be EXACTLY like Evie when I’m her age, which isn’t quite as far away as I’d like … .

    Congratulations on 15 great years; PLEASE promise us there are many more to come!