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Last Kiss by John Lustig

Last Kiss

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  1. Aaronious commented on Lio 2 months ago

    A well timed comic. Today’s historical event:
    1954 – Eiko-maru lost at sea – the first Gojira, aka Godzilla, casualty.

  2. Aaronious commented on Monty 3 months ago

    Today is Alexandre Dumas, born Dumas Davy de la Pailleterie (1802) birthday.

  3. Aaronious commented on Calvin and Hobbes 4 months ago

    5th July, happy birthiversary William “Bill” Boyd Watterson II (1958)!

  4. Aaronious commented on Tarzan 6 months ago

    I hope it’s Amblypygids! I love all animals, including/especially invertebrates.

  5. Aaronious commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 6 months ago

    Well said!

  6. Aaronious commented on Tarzan 7 months ago

    ‘Suddenly’ isn’t really used properly here. Tarzan stabs it in the neck and we are supposed to be surprised the crock dies? Odd.

  7. Aaronious commented on WuMo 7 months ago

    To want is not Zen.

  8. Aaronious commented on Tarzan 8 months ago

    Tarzan said “thy” ? Odd.

  9. Aaronious commented on WuMo 9 months ago

    I object too. Darwin drew a tree, not a linear progression chart, but I understand artistic license. I just wonder if the artist understands the science.

  10. Aaronious commented on Monty 9 months ago

    He knows their family name, Formicidae, but then he calls them “lads.” Fail. They’re all females. Males don’t stick around after mating, the colony won’t let them.