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  1. scsurfer commented on PreTeena almost 3 years ago

    Probably an English Sheepdog.

  2. scsurfer commented on Break of Day almost 3 years ago

    He looks disappointed.

  3. scsurfer commented on HUBRIS! almost 3 years ago

    Now these guys know how to have a GOOD time. WooHoo!

  4. scsurfer commented on Bottomliners almost 3 years ago

    As a former loan officer, the info is always there. You just have to read all the paperwork to find it. Don’t let anyone rush you into anything ever. Read it all. Take the time. It’s your money, and your debt. They work for you; not the opposite.

  5. scsurfer commented on Pluggers almost 3 years ago

    Hey. A win in the 65-dead division is still a win.

  6. scsurfer commented on Bliss almost 3 years ago

    Uh oh. Better check the comic book stash, and OMG where are the baseball cards!

  7. scsurfer commented on Kliban's Cats almost 3 years ago

    PeeWee Herman the mafioso.

  8. scsurfer commented on Tim Eagan almost 3 years ago

    So I’m hearing that everybody who got through the bs with website has actually gotten a better deal then ever before. That true?

  9. scsurfer commented on Betty almost 3 years ago

    If it wasn’t for Halloween decorations these guys would be racing to see who could get the Xmas decorations up first. So I’m good with this. At least it’s not the same damn thing for three months. Only two.

  10. scsurfer commented on Cleats almost 3 years ago

    It is a problem. Even if you are fit. Stretching cold muscles too hard will hurt you worse than almost anything. Warm up some. Then stretch.