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  1. comicsnerd commented on Frog Applause over 3 years ago

    About bubbles in Frog Blog: It looks like they are electrically splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen gasses to make the bubbles. When ignited the two gasses recombine back into water explosively.

  2. comicsnerd commented on CAFFEINATED almost 4 years ago

    I cannot know, without feedback from you, whether you are even interested in hearing from fans like me… but here it goes anyway:
    I have been enjoying your brand of… uh, of, uh… well, your brand of whatever it it you are offering. I have plagiarized several of your weekly poems to send to a girlfriend. I have not copied them exactly, because the meter has sometimes been off… but the sentiment has been RIGHT ON. She seems to like that. I hope you will be able to continue your… uh… eh… ahh Wait… that’s it! Your ART. It is art and some of us will appreciate it. Some probably won’t. I’m not sure that is what you are looking for, but if appreciation from any of us is any of it… then you are succeeding. Keep on..OK?

  3. comicsnerd commented on The Green Monkeys about 4 years ago


  4. comicsnerd commented on Eric the Circle about 4 years ago

    Eric the tick?

  5. comicsnerd commented on Buzza Wuzza about 4 years ago

    “… complete weirdos…”??? We resemble that!

  6. comicsnerd commented on Apple Creek Comics about 4 years ago

    ♪ George, George, George of the jungle… ♫

  7. comicsnerd commented on AmaZn Events over 4 years ago

    Point of fact: According to an interview with one of the last practicing cannibals in Papua, (New Guinea), human flesh tastes more like pork than chicken.

  8. comicsnerd commented on Daddy's Home over 4 years ago

    53° F & partly cloudy at 3am EDT in central Indiana

  9. comicsnerd commented on Citizen Dog over 4 years ago

    by Fergus Dog

    Maybe you’re usin’,
    this evening for snoozin’,
    Pulled the shades so no one can see ya.

    Or became the seduction,
    of an alien’s abduction,
    And were eaten like a cheese quesadilla.

    You were here just last week,
    when I came out for a peek,
    But tonight I am getting the notion,

    That you forgot how to fly,
    and dropped out of the sky,…

    … And are rolling around the bottom of the ocean.

  10. comicsnerd commented on Frog Applause over 4 years ago

    Never trust Google translate without double checking… That was supposed to say: Neither do mine… and I am not wearing any! Oh, well.