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  1. dmbelisle commented on Jeff Danziger over 2 years ago

    The Dick has a lot of gall to complain about welfare cheats taking money from deserving military families. He as had a life time feeding at he government trough, all the while trying to cut away any remains of a safety net for any one else. Let’s not forget how he gamed the system (as did many) to avoid his serving when the chance was offered.

  2. dmbelisle commented on Jeff Danziger almost 3 years ago

    Being wrong about what precipitated an attack and a crisis is not the same thing as a lie. And what the hell difference does it make whether embassy staff were killed by persons infuriated by an outrageous video, or a planned an attack by persons infuriated by American foreign policies. Much better to stop and analyze the situation before rushing in as fools do.

  3. dmbelisle commented on The Norm Classics almost 3 years ago

    I cut it out, now I have to buy a new lap top.

  4. dmbelisle commented on Ted Rall almost 3 years ago

    Politics aside, I usually respect Rall’s perspective even when I disagree. This is particularly tactless to speak ill of the recently dead. Even if Mandela didn’t accomplish more than to survive and see the birth of a nation with a new paradigm, he deserves our thanks.

  5. dmbelisle commented on Adam@Home over 7 years ago

    The new drawing style and the topics / dialogue really lack the Brian Basset touch. If you have subcontracted this work, they should be fired.