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  1. bigbluephrog commented on Gil Thorp almost 3 years ago

    Wendy will meet ‘molly’ and wind up twerking at the dance, this plot sounds like " Mamma’s don’t let your baby girls grow up to be Miley Cyrus."

  2. bigbluephrog commented on Tarzan almost 3 years ago

    I actually miss my Wild Geese days. SoFs going into equatorial African colonies, rescuing missionaries and colonial government officials from the folly of their ways. Gee, the pay was good and they gave you all the ammo you could carry.

  3. bigbluephrog commented on Annie over 3 years ago

    these look like characters from the original Harold Gray strips of the 20s and 30s.

  4. bigbluephrog commented on Annie over 3 years ago

    it is a shame there are no Annie strips dated 2013, all of these are OLD reruns.

  5. bigbluephrog commented on Annie over 3 years ago

    my question to all the anniefans out there is: Why have there been no strips written in the past decade? All the ones we’ve seen this year and last were dated at the turn of the Millennium through mid 2002. Is no one writing and inking the strip anymore?

  6. bigbluephrog commented on Tarzan over 3 years ago

    Polsixe, just ask any veteran of Iraq…it is not unusual to have day time temps in the 120s and nights in the 30s.

  7. bigbluephrog commented on Tarzan almost 4 years ago

    link to Panzer MG 34 machine gun visual:


    link to Browning 30 cal visual:


    you folks decide if the pen and ink artist took liberties!

  8. bigbluephrog commented on Tarzan almost 4 years ago

    problems as I see them 1. sand in the lubricant for the turret bearings..also in the barrel of the main gun and secondary machine gun. 2. corrosive aging of primer and powder for the cannon rounds and 7 mm rounds for the machine gun. 3. dry rot of the canvas webbing for the machine gun belt. And yes as any armor vet will tell you, WW2 tanks on either side lacked heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer, so 4. hiding in that sweat box will dehydrate T faster than staying out on the dunes.

  9. bigbluephrog commented on Nancy over 4 years ago

    Fritzi Ritz and the Gals from 9 Chickwood Lane, ah fantasy females.