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  1. doodlerjeff commented on Calvin and Hobbes 8 days ago

    Hobbes fed the dinosaur a banana, which probably did not exist back then. Butterfly effect?

  2. doodlerjeff commented on Luann 27 days ago

    Yikes! He’s on the verge of falling out of those loose pajama bottoms!

  3. doodlerjeff commented on Peanuts 2 months ago

    Poor Charlie Brown. .. perhaps that’s why he turns into this: http://www.whatisdeepfried.com/2013/01/21/weapon-brown-1/

    On another note: I’m SO SICK of the “ad mines” (I just made that up) on these pages. If you don’t navigate your cursor carfully and go over certain ads they blow up to full screen and you have to hunt down the close “X”. There are other websites I can read these comic strips comics.com!!!

  4. doodlerjeff commented on Luann 3 months ago

    Once again, this gang of comic strip characters cannot get some measure of happiness without drama. Umm, what were they doing on the HIGHWAY anyway? Is it really that long a trip between their homes and the school? Soon this strip will start looking like Funky Winkerbean when the cast starts dying off from cancer and car accidents.

  5. doodlerjeff commented on Garfield 4 months ago

    Garfield has no qualms about eating birds, feathers and all, so what’s the problem with mice?

  6. doodlerjeff commented on Bloom County 6 months ago

    Where’s Bugs Bunny when you need him?

  7. doodlerjeff commented on B.C. 6 months ago

    Why have they not sacrificed Wiley to a dinosaur?

  8. doodlerjeff commented on Dick Tracy 8 months ago

    Hmmmm…. has Kadaver been watching the “Saw” movies?

  9. doodlerjeff commented on Arlo and Janis 8 months ago

    I have been getting free-range or “fresh” Hoka turkeys for years now, and it is definitely worth it. About $45 for a 16 pound bird.

  10. doodlerjeff commented on Dick Tracy 9 months ago

    I imagine Kadaver sounds just like Vincent Price.