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  1. Phil commented on Betty 15 days ago

    Be sure the kid knows what he parent’s standards are for a satisfactorily clean bedroom (for all members of the house) and what, if any, exceptions apply. The penalties for not adhering to those standards (parent picks up stuff once/twice, documents doing so for those items; 3rd time an item requires pickup it goes to goodwill.) Then adhere to those rules. Not sure what age these rules should take effect, but surely before the teen years.

  2. Phil commented on Frank & Ernest about 1 month ago

    Great tracts of land ….

  3. Phil commented on Family Tree about 1 month ago

    Which is named …. Storage of Electronic Devices Upon Return to Home.

  4. Phil commented on Flo and Friends about 1 month ago

    Although Fox did carry clip of the item being discussed: http://nation.foxnews.com/obamacare/2011/11/29/neurosurgeon-dishes-obama-death-panels-administration-calls-patrients-units and they presented it truthfully (someone said it) but with no commentary on the item. More a gossip organization than a news organization.

  5. Phil commented on Flo and Friends about 1 month ago

    Pardon me, that should have been Listening to Mark Levin again.

  6. Phil commented on Flo and Friends about 1 month ago

    Watching Faux News again? Debunking commentary:

  7. Phil commented on Brewster Rockit 2 months ago

    Barsoom has much nicer occupants than those guys:

  8. Phil commented on The Middletons 3 months ago

    MOSTLY WRONG: “(Note that schools in Mrs. Obamas lunch program confiscate home provided lunches.)”
    See: http://www.snopes.com/politics/education/lunchban.asp

  9. Phil commented on The Other Coast 3 months ago

    People see what they are predisposed to see. The world is its own Rorschach test.

  10. Phil commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 3 months ago

    NoScript is an excellent add-on for Firefox