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  1. Phil commented on Soup to Nutz about 1 month ago

    Turned up loud to be audible over road noise on high speed roads during the previous day’s commute home. Next morning your ears have been in a quiet environment the whole night and the “OK” volume of yesterday is “too loud”

  2. Phil commented on Dilbert Classics about 1 month ago


  3. Phil commented on Flo and Friends 3 months ago

    Most broken digital clocks are never right. Either 88:88 or blank.

  4. Phil commented on Candorville 3 months ago

    Depends on how you count: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wars_involving_the_United_States

  5. Phil commented on Arlo and Janis 3 months ago


  6. Phil commented on FoxTrot 3 months ago

    See the Resurrection paragraph here: http://gameofthrones.wikia.com/wiki/Red_Priest

  7. Phil commented on Doonesbury 3 months ago


  8. Phil commented on Tarzan 4 months ago

    Prince Valiant is still pretty good.

  9. Phil commented on Speed Bump 4 months ago

    One site with some stats: http://www.textinganddrivingsafety.com/texting-and-driving-stats

  10. Phil commented on Tarzan 5 months ago

    Think of it as evolution in action. —LN/JP