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  1. blazedancer commented on For Better or For Worse over 7 years ago

    @ kfaatz925 thats what air-mattresses are for.

  2. blazedancer commented on Brewster Rockit over 7 years ago

    if I kill my clone, is it murder or suicide?

  3. blazedancer commented on Big Top over 7 years ago

    I seem to have stumbled upon an interesting group of tribesmen (you do call yourselves the Tribe right) in my random wanderings of gocomics, which has made me rather hungry, and brought me to the realization that I forgot my lunch.

    In relation to the comic(which I realize is a re-run but it new to me) oh the fun that ensues when pixie stix are present.

  4. blazedancer commented on For Heaven's Sake over 7 years ago

    I don’t believe in sprinkling (Christ himself was baptized by immersion) but I still find this really funny

    @ejcapulet nice comment, that’s kind what I was thinking

  5. blazedancer commented on Baldo over 7 years ago

    @Monkeyhead thats what I thought of too.

    funny how the shine is gone in the last panel

  6. blazedancer commented on Legend of Bill over 7 years ago

    but I like it just fine the way it is right here.

  7. blazedancer commented on Bob the Squirrel over 7 years ago

    @ doctortoon Because you didn’t pay for the membership

  8. blazedancer commented on Pickles over 7 years ago

    I don’t watch TV at all, if there is something important going on someone will tell me about it, or I’ll see it online.

  9. blazedancer commented on Non Sequitur over 7 years ago

    @ Wiley

    oh good, I’m enjoying this very much sits “patiently”, waiting for more

  10. blazedancer commented on Non Sequitur over 7 years ago

    I’d wear a shirt that said that.

    poor Lars, being yelled at by crazy apes is no fun