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  1. Midgardsormr commented on Tiny Sepuku almost 3 years ago

    Every time I see someone say “baited breath” or “tow the line” it just makes me shutter. ;-)

  2. Midgardsormr commented on W.T. Duck over 3 years ago


  3. Midgardsormr commented on W.T. Duck almost 4 years ago

    I approve of the use of “they” as a gender-neutral third-person pronoun. So much less cumbersome than he/she and less depersonalizing than “it.” Although given that the child is wearing a dress, it probably would have been safe to say “she.” And “they’re” is problematic; it should be “they’s,” but that definitely does not sound right.

  4. Midgardsormr commented on FoxTrot Classics over 4 years ago

    I’d guess Comic Sans.

  5. Midgardsormr commented on W.T. Duck almost 5 years ago

    As ridiculous as it is, I’ve actually worked with someone like that. I was sitting right next to her, not even a cubicle wall between us, and she insisted on communicating with me by IM.

  6. Midgardsormr commented on W.T. Duck almost 5 years ago

    It relies on whoever finds the book reading the imprint in the cover and going to the website to register that they have it. It’s like that old Where’s George website, where people can track the movement of $1 bills.

  7. Midgardsormr commented on W.T. Duck over 5 years ago

    12 megapixels at 300 dpi (a typical high quality print) is only a 10 x 12 print. And if you decide you need to crop to get a better composition, more pixels gives you the option of maintaining an 8 x 10 even after you’ve thrown some of the image away.

    A poster sized print at something like 24 x 32 at 300 dpi is 7200 x 9600, or 69 Mp. Of course, a poster print doesn’t usually need 300 dpi, as it’s seldom viewed at reading distance.

  8. Midgardsormr commented on Yenny Lopez over 5 years ago

    rmacprivate: Look up Paint Your Wagon. Not only the romantic lead, but he sings, too! Also, The Bridges of Madison County

  9. Midgardsormr commented on W.T. Duck almost 6 years ago

    Or needed a 4k texture map. I bought a Canon that shot 8.1MP, thinking that was all I’d ever need. Then I started doing 3d modeling and realized that to get the texture quality I wanted in closeups, I’d need 16MP or better.

  10. Midgardsormr commented on FoxTrot Classics about 6 years ago

    On the bright side, Jason could learn networking and start making breakthroughs in parallel computing. And he’d never again get kicked off World of WarQuest so someone could use the word processor.