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  1. photodude commented on Endtown over 3 years ago

    I believe the quote was “violence is the last resort of the incompetent” from Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy
    This has been proven true repeatedly by politicians for my entire 6+ decades on the planet. And the VA wonders why I get depressed.

  2. photodude commented on Matt Wuerker over 3 years ago

    Worry less about the powers of the Pres. and more (i,e. abject terror) of the faceless bureaucrats running the systems.

  3. photodude commented on HUBRIS! about 4 years ago

    Reminds me of a sign in Amarillo Tx. on the courthouse lawn “Airmen and dogs keep off the grass” Best I could tell both ignored the directive.

  4. photodude commented on Nick Anderson about 4 years ago

    polls are meaningless until the election
    and you want to see a great example of Rep. Gov. creating jobs move to WI. we haven’t stopped hemoraging jobs since this little weasel got elected both times

  5. photodude commented on Rob Rogers over 4 years ago

    Actually thanks to Cerberus we can just barely make enough weapons and ammo to keep our troops supplied. Thank WalMart for the demise of manufacturers that used to make this stuff. Constant price pressure caused many to take their factories offshore or they simply were bankrupted meeting the evil empires demands. Shop the evil empire destroy US jobs.

  6. photodude commented on W.T. Duck over 4 years ago

    this is what happens when you shoot for lawyers and ad agencies 30 minutes of work takes three months of sweat and threats to get the check