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  1. Phaze58 commented on Wizard of Id 8 days ago

    SEE I told you the Turnkey looks after him ;)

  2. Phaze58 commented on Wizard of Id 10 days ago

    Turnkey always looks after spook .

  3. Phaze58 commented on Working Daze 18 days ago

    Roy ! You nailed it . Me too

  4. Phaze58 commented on Peanuts Begins about 1 month ago

    I wonder when snoopy got the position as short stop.

  5. Phaze58 commented on Dogs of C-Kennel 2 months ago

    It’s Probably how he see’s us as a match…….I think .

  6. Phaze58 commented on Frazz 3 months ago

    In my Junior school we started with “THE HOBBIT

  7. Phaze58 commented on U.S. Acres 4 months ago

    @ Sherlock Watson yes I agree,but Cartoon physics however make NO GOSH DARN SENSE! (shoddycast reference)

  8. Phaze58 commented on Zack Hill 5 months ago

    YEP! no AC here in UK home’s and for the last 5 days I have done most of what cabalonrye suggested ( was stationed in a hot country for 2 weeks ) no fans tho. I couldn’t find a punka wallah anywhere ;)

  9. Phaze58 commented on Little Dog Lost 5 months ago

    A LOVELY ending Sir . Thank you . I hope your next strip will be just as enjoyable . Sniff

  10. Phaze58 commented on Little Dog Lost 5 months ago

    A nice tribute to Edvard Munch Steve, Is this the last of our LDL , sniff ……