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  1. Miba commented on Real Life Adventures 7 days ago

    hahaha This reminds me of one time at work. I worked at a grocery store and the president of the company was visiting, nice guy, really, but he wanted to make the department managers walk around the store singing christmas carols. I noped out of there so hard. I went in the dairy cooler and hid back behind the milk crates until he was gone. I didn’t even get in trouble for it either because the store manager was impressed and envious because he had wanted to hide too.

  2. Miba commented on Reality Check 16 days ago

    I had a co-worker who smoked. We often went out together, her for her smoke break, me for my fresh air break (as long as I stood upwind of her that is!).

  3. Miba commented on FoxTrot Classics 17 days ago

    Followup comic shows rich ceo stuffing Jason’s allowance in his pocket, pausing, withdrawing his hand and you can see a single penny laying on his palm. He tosses it out the window of his airplane where it lands in the middle of a flooded city.

  4. Miba commented on Heart of the City 19 days ago

    Look for sodium nitrite (nitrate?) free bacon. There’s a few companies that make it, it tastes way better than the regular cured ones. If you have the same problem with hot dogs look for the same thing, look for the nitrite free ones.

  5. Miba commented on Pickles about 1 month ago

    Noo! Use gel pens, not crayons!

  6. Miba commented on Ziggy 2 months ago

    Sounds reasonable!

  7. Miba commented on Heart of the City 3 months ago

    ahahah! I thought this was another imagination land arch. Love how it turned out!

  8. Miba commented on Pickles 3 months ago

    I used to have big clunky shoes, I always took them off when I stepped on the scale because those things were heavy!

  9. Miba commented on Real Life Adventures 3 months ago

    I think it’s sweet. Even though she’s all grown up and moved out on her own and probably lives across the country she still finds a way to watch fireworks with her dad.

  10. Miba commented on Heart of the City 3 months ago

    Also the ones at this store will be rotten by time they get home whereas the ones at the grocery store will stay good for another 2-3 years.