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  1. eb110americana commented on Close to Home about 10 hours ago

    Even $240 sounds cheap. The only tickets I’ve ever had have been around 15-20 over in a 65 mph, and they have all been $300-$500. 30 over in a 45 sounds like at least 5 times the cost—at least if it were around here.

  2. eb110americana commented on PC and Pixel 4 days ago

    Does it pair well with a side of magic beans?

  3. eb110americana commented on Overboard 4 days ago

    Well, here’s your first problem Santa: You’re using a Lazy Boy as a sleigh! So yeah, maybe visit the gym once in a while.

  4. eb110americana commented on Monty 5 days ago

    Fleshy looks like he should be dispensing wisdom from atop a mountain somewhere.

  5. eb110americana commented on Free Range 5 days ago

    He only comes with the mustachio ice cream.

    I just made that up, but it’s probably already a Ben & Jerry’s flavor.

  6. eb110americana commented on Free Range 6 days ago

    So…Marriage Counselor? Or Doggie Whisperer?

  7. eb110americana commented on Free Range 9 days ago

    Sure, they’re pests, but they bring tremendous cheese wheels.

  8. eb110americana commented on Soup to Nutz 11 days ago

    “Science Fairs”

  9. eb110americana commented on Free Range 12 days ago

    Sir Rigged-A-Lot.

  10. eb110americana commented on Adam@Home 13 days ago

    As Christmas is slowly enveloping Halloween in freaking October, yes, it is always too early for Christmas “spirit.” Do we really need one holiday to span an entire quarter of the year? After years of this, everyone has grown tired of the Christmas carols, especially by Christmas time. When it finally comes, it’s like the election: everyone just wants it to be over already. A nice 12 days of Christmas would be special, I’m even willing to concede the entire month of December, but the long drawn out spectacle it has now become is just annoyingly blind commercialization.