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  1. cynical13 commented on Liberty Meadows 6 months ago

    @TrapperJohn I think most of us know that they’re not making any new Liberty Meadows strips. That’s not the issue. The issue is that they’re only showing about 14 and are looping the same ones over and over again rather than digging into any of the other strips.

  2. cynical13 commented on Liberty Meadows 8 months ago

    Would it kill GoComics to run an arc from start to finish? Do I have to buy the books to read the strips in order?

  3. cynical13 commented on Imagine This about 1 year ago

    It’s the same on the comic’s main website too. I guess the cartoonist has had some things come up here lately because news is sparse on the matter.

  4. cynical13 commented on Ink Pen over 1 year ago

    I thought I read another that said when he was dressed as Superman that he’d vibrate slightly, blurring his appearance slightly. I might be mistaken though.

  5. cynical13 commented on Dogs of C-Kennel over 1 year ago

    Pit bulls with thumbs sounds terrifying.

  6. cynical13 commented on Imagine This almost 2 years ago

    Clovis should just become a berserker. It seems a better fit and there are less rules to go by.

  7. cynical13 commented on Real Life Adventures about 2 years ago

    He’s golfing buddies with Harvey?

  8. cynical13 commented on Imagine This over 2 years ago

    I love these Klingon strips.

  9. cynical13 commented on Get Fuzzy over 2 years ago

    No Ace the Bat Hound costume for Satchel?

  10. cynical13 commented on Thatababy over 2 years ago

    Paul Trap, you don’t just overuse a joke, you drag it into an alley and beat it to death.