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  1. PappyFiddle commented on B.C. 23 days ago

    There was a bit of controversy when Craig Breedlove set the world’s land speed record in “Spirit of America”, because like our strip today, it had wheels and a jet engine functioning as a jet engine, not driving the wheels. IOW it was just a jet aircraft rolling on the ground. What was the point? Jet aircraft already go much faster than cars.

  2. PappyFiddle commented on Doonesbury 23 days ago

    “He was wearing a crisp, white polyester shirt with a black bow tie and horn-rimmed glasses. He RADIATED calm, technical competency.” Harold Finch in 2 sentences.

  3. PappyFiddle commented on Dark Side of the Horse about 1 month ago

    Doc said to take some broad spectrum antibiotics but this advice just went in one ear and out the other.

  4. PappyFiddle commented on Dark Side of the Horse 3 months ago

    Somebody set this to music!

  5. PappyFiddle commented on Dark Side of the Horse 3 months ago

    After you’re married, all you can do is run to the end of your chain and bark

  6. PappyFiddle commented on Dark Side of the Horse 3 months ago

    I do not get it, Sampson.
    I wish you would expand some.
    What are those leaf things on the table?
    What is the drill doing in the last panel?
    Why does the horse have one arm?
    Then why does he have three arms?
    I do not get it, sir.
    To me it is not clear, sir.
    Why is this horse not in a stable?

  7. PappyFiddle commented on Dark Side of the Horse 3 months ago

    Horace the Horse.
    Melody the Mare
    Sini the … (Finnish) lintu? tipu? kaveri? tyyppi? tyttö? kimma? tipu? lintu? hmmm…
    Frank the _____?

  8. PappyFiddle commented on Deep Dark Fears 5 months ago

    When as a kid you get lost in a huge orchard, every path is EXACTLY the same. Ask me how I know!

  9. PappyFiddle commented on Shoe 6 months ago

    I don’t have a dog, but at least I have a woman who doesn’t care about diamonds.

  10. PappyFiddle commented on B.C. 6 months ago

    Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. First section talks about an Italian town in Pennsylvania where people had almost zero heart disease or any other deadly malady, they just died of old age. They smoked like chimneys and ate all kinds of crazy fat foods. A couple researchers investigated it pretty thoroughly, their conclusion was that the lack of disease was caused by the community experience. Everyone in this little town knew everybody, most of them lived 3 generations in the same household, they ate meals together, they talked with each other. Anyone walking up the street had to stop and talk at several places with people sitting on their front porch.