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  1. bmwk12ltc commented on Rose is Rose 10 months ago

    I agree with Rose. In fact I am riding over to St. Augustine tomorrow just to blow some cobwebs out of my mind.

  2. bmwk12ltc commented on Zack Hill 12 months ago

    I remember in Pittsburgh, Pa. about 20 years ago a lady was strangled with her bra. People who are intent on causing harm will always find away unless they are stopped while they are attempting to commit their actions. Thing about a gun is that it gives anyone who can wield it as much power as the biggest criminal.

  3. bmwk12ltc commented on Zen Pencils about 1 year ago

    my tool for adventure is my motorcycle.

  4. bmwk12ltc commented on Zen Pencils about 1 year ago

    SPYDERRED I would hazard a guess that T Smith was making an assumption about why sully2000 has a confederate battle flag as his icon. Since he has the confederate battle flag instead of the flag of the confederate states then I would guess T Smith is making an assumption from ignorance of what sully2000 is meaning with his icon. I may have misunderstood or T Smith could be showing his lack of understanding and his prejudice (I say that because he did not query what the icon meant but instead made a statement in a public arena that presumed to know what sully2000 thought)..

  5. bmwk12ltc commented on MythTickle over 1 year ago

    So far David O’Brien is the winner of the “Stephen Pastis I made you groan contest”. Actually that was very funny Mr. O’brien.

  6. bmwk12ltc commented on On A Claire Day almost 2 years ago

    gee I wonder if they realize synthetics are made from oil. Something else that people protest against.

  7. bmwk12ltc commented on Shoe about 3 years ago

    truecanadianliberal that site admits that 1 parent must be american for the person to be considered American enough for the Presidency and then states that both Mr. Sorrento (president Barry) and Mr. Cruz were qualified because their mothers were American even though their fathers weren’t. But even at that at least Mr. Cruz’s parents were legally married. Whereas the current occupant of the white house reported father was still legally married to another woman. Not that it matters as it is the person that counts not the parents indiscretions. But at least Mr. Cruz has showed his Birth certificate and all the files of his life instead of releasing a very questionable e-copy and sealing college records. So I think that the "inconvenient truth is that yes he is qualified.

  8. bmwk12ltc commented on It's All About You about 3 years ago

    It is what I call “yeah but” nothing more than someone trying to come up with a way of justifying what they know is wrong. Even if you point out the other persons failings you are still wrong.

  9. bmwk12ltc commented on Brewster Rockit over 3 years ago

    Dampwaffle speaks the real truth. What you volunteer is your business but at no point does the “Government” have the right to spy on you without “due process” and showing “just cause”.

  10. bmwk12ltc commented on MythTickle over 3 years ago

    personally I like a vegetarian diet, it goes great with steak.