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  1. yyyguy commented on Cleats 6 months ago

    lucky for me I DID learn to say “no, no, no.”

  2. yyyguy commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 6 months ago

    i thought Saturnalia got turned into Valentine’s Day.
    but I COULD be wrong (it’s happened before).

  3. yyyguy commented on Ink Pen about 1 year ago

    clearly, she has no understanding of “the 3 stooges” either.

  4. yyyguy commented on Birdbrains about 1 year ago

    draw the eyes and sign it, then use “paint” to invert the colours. slap on the dialog balloon and voila! no great amount of ink needed.

  5. yyyguy commented on Thatababy about 1 year ago

    Monty Python homage, perhaps?
    as in, “That’s not a pun…”

  6. yyyguy commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria about 1 year ago


  7. yyyguy commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria over 1 year ago

    i know it’s 2 days later and you may not see this, but i want to thank you so much for linking this. when i saw the picture of the little keyboard, my first thought was “Piano Hero?” (as in Guitar Hero for piano)

  8. yyyguy commented on Thatababy over 1 year ago

    the baby’s comment is the perspective on the entire strip. well done.

  9. yyyguy commented on Birdbrains over 1 year ago

    by numbering, rather than naming, the children.

  10. yyyguy commented on B.C. over 1 year ago

    either that, or they’re on a different planet than Earth. it would also account for some of the perceived anomalies in the strip. (like telephones, for example.)