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  1. mattro53 commented on Ted Rall about 3 hours ago

    “The World According to Friedman” subtitled “Get Yourself A Billionaire Wife.”

  2. mattro53 commented on Minimum Security 3 days ago

    Wow! Thanks for reminding me of my days as a middle school teacher.

  3. mattro53 commented on The Boondocks 4 days ago

    Play it backwards and you hear, “More profits” again and again.

  4. mattro53 commented on Minimum Security 5 days ago

    Spoken by someone who doesn’t know the difference between socialism and fascism.

  5. mattro53 commented on Pearls Before Swine 7 days ago

    Nice! Donald ‘Rat’ Trump.

  6. mattro53 commented on Ted Rall 8 days ago

    @Ted Rall
    You’re welcome. I also believe in telling the truth.
    What does that mean?

  7. mattro53 commented on Minimum Security 8 days ago

    There’s thousands of great co-ops. Missing Link bike co-op in Berkeley is the best bicycle shop on earth.

  8. mattro53 commented on Bloom County 8 days ago

    I have three sons, 6, 2 and 7 months. I love my sons and they do a lot of wonderful and cute things. Having said that, if I never change another diaper or get drooled on it will be too soon.

  9. mattro53 commented on Ted Rall 8 days ago

    What? Do you people hover over your computers like vultures, waiting for a chance to swoop down? Grow up! Mr. Rall has been consistent from day 1 in his version. Prove me wrong. I listened to the tape on my iMac and was able to hear most of what he claims is on there. If telling the truth is hateful, then we need more haters. If you dislike his work so much don’t read it.

  10. mattro53 commented on Ted Rall 10 days ago

    Do you think he, or any of the other Republicans would be less of a suck-up to Wall Street or less likely to wage overseas wars to protect the assets of the rich and powerful? Anyone who believes that is delusional.